Saturday, February 28, 2004

yesterday was one of me happiest days since the starting of dis yr.. hahahha.. and my belt was quite good it was rather tight.. and it wasnt low... its very acceptable.. yes..
our seniors came back!!! yeay!! was sooo happy cos i miss them sooooooooooooooooooo much.. and i saw vienna in the staffroom with suyee and their frends.. her face is fair... hahhaha.. so white lor.. suyee sae its cos of her dyed hair.. notti notti.... go and dye hair... and saw a few more other seniors.. yupps... and they got a problem with me being a monitor... cannot meh?? sae the sch crazy liao.. teacher blind.. wadever la.. hahhahha.. so we were hanging ard in the canteen after sch to tok to them before they left to collect their results.. hahahha.. and before tt suyee passed me her frends year book.. yupps..
so went fer backups and den half way.. went to the hall to pass suyee her yr book.. and saw dear wendy outside.. gosh.. sigh... hope shes feeling much better now.. i mean like as long as u noe u did yer best.. yupps.. tts all tt matters.. so i went to tok to her.. yupps... and den i went in the hall.. yes.. and found suyee.. hahaha.. and there were soo many ppl crying.. was hoping to see all of them really happy bt some.. nvm..
after toking to some dear seniors.. den went back fer backups... and i sat my ass there fer such a long time tt my ass hurts... it still does!! the shuweis were there too.. hahahha.. so at 4+ lotsa ppl started to go home.. left me koky and the shuweis.. and someone else..
shit mums calling.. die! sigh..


Friday, February 27, 2004

happy birthday estee!!

todae will be going fer backups.. yupp and our seniors are cumin back today to collect results!! yeay!!! main reason i wanted to stay fer backups todae is so tt will be able ta see our seniors.. whahahha.. ok smarts right? thank you thank you.. or else.. i dun wana stay liao.. nxt week got sci test.. and i still duno wad am i reading.. =s yupps.. and den got chi test as well.. and maths too.. but i think maths and chi is the week after next.. yupps...

and shuwei is soooo nice.. yupps.. so super chao nice.. hahahahahahahaa!!
thanks shuwei !!!!!


happy belated birthday shannon

yupps.. yesterday was super chao irritated.. hahahha.. by lotsa ppl.. and sng was so mean to shannon.. and i tell u ah... if i ever have financial problems.. its all her fault!! make us donate wad shit la.. u go and donate yourself.. ah..... i noe.. as a class we can donate you.. dun argue.. its fer the sch.. and the future generation.. whahahahhahha..

and this gwee oso la.. alwais spend her time scolding us... den she sae we wasting time?? we ask her scold ready.. continue being sooo super chao naggy one meh? wth!! ok.. anw.. i really suck at sewing.. hahahhaha


Wednesday, February 25, 2004

ok.. im ban from using the com and the fone i think.. yupp.. well at least its sth like ban. yupps... cos nt allowed to touch it unless i got the permission to do so... which means lotsa questioning and stuff.. yupps. so its better not to touch it... save me frm all the shit.. yupps.. but at pers hse now and she has sooo many coms.. nt fair... rah... and hahaha...

and someone told me sth todae.. and im supposed ta keep my mouth shut.. yupps.. hahahha.. but i aint surprised its her... hahahhaha.. cos shes such a nice person.. and i anyone reads this.. dun expect me ta tell u anything.. hahahhaha.. yupps... cos i wil get killed... yupps...

todae so stress free.... hahahahha.. ok.. but gona be very stressed agn in a few days cos got lotsa test next week and its like im sooo dead.... but fer today.. yupps... duno hw to sae oso...

hmmms... aiya.. duno la.. todae some certain person better go and rmb ta do sth.. and another certain person better hep me bring something tmr.. hahahha.. yupps... i really need it.. yupps... anw... i oso duno wad to blog liao...

retarded... so boring.. going home now..


Monday, February 23, 2004

god.. i was sooo pissed off today.. bt im ok ready.. yupps... cos of some bloody ppl tt refuse to cooperate.. shit them lor... rah..

ok den we had history lessons today... our teacher is sooo nice.. hahaha.. ok... damn it!! toking bout history.. i haven even studied fer history test yet!! oh no!!!!!!! shit la.. im soooo gona fail...

and sng said tt this friday is meet the parents session?? oh........ gosh..... im so reallly dead..

gosh.. cant blog liao... sisters teacher is here..


Friday, February 20, 2004

bloody hell... how come i cant open up any guestbook??? and smart me did something very smart.. and nw i cant change it...

therer was investiture[?] yesterday.. hmmms... most of them looks reallu nice in the inves u..and the performance is nice toos!!! yupps... last yr exco were invited ta come back.. yupp.. so i got see our dear seniors agn!! =) den i took pictures with becca and geraldine.. yupp.. look retarded.. but hu cares... and i also took pictures of big shu wei dancin.. whahahahha. but the picture very blurr la... cant see very clearly.. but nvm...

den we got bloody hell lot of homework.. maybe only me... cos we suppose ta hand in all the homework today.. so i din really bother to do it until last night.. hahahhahaha... which was a really stupid thing to do.. cos i was already like damn tired??? den still hafta do homework.. act.. i have been really tired fer the past few days.. tts why i din bother to go and do.. yupp..

and yesterday during interact..mr bear came agn... yupps.. i thought it was kinda boring.. cos maybe i was like damn tired.. and i felt like slpin?? but i do like the last part... where teacher go and off lights.. den he play music.. and den he sae we can close our eyes and rest.. so tt was exactly wad i did... den our seniors were tryin ta take a pic of me slpin.. and i din even noe?? so i think they took it?? but im not very sure.... and dey obviously have to let me see tt disgusting picture.. siying sae i look like an ANGEL but wen im slpin.. hahahhaha.. i dun have to look like one wen im slpin.. im already one!! hahahhaha

so wen i came home.. had piano lessons.. after tt.. went to do homework.. started off with the home econs project.. den i duno why but i took very long to do it.. yupps...den i went fer dinner

den i went back on the com... hahahhaha.. ok.. den there were quite a few ppl online.. den more and more came online.. though there wasnt alot.. but there was enuf of those tt i wanted to tok to... lynette send us all the pictures fer our english project.. see.. got sooo many projects... only got 2.. bt still is alot of projects..

den after using the com fer a longggggggggggg time.. i went to do me homework.. until ard 12.. yupps.. and cyy and jialing were doing the english project... yupps... =)

[ jialing ; cyy ]thnaks a whole lot fer doing the english project all the way till 1 plus.. yupps...

[ jinghui ]thanks fer doing sooo much of the homeecons project.. really really sorry tt u had to do sooo much on yer own... yupp... tk care.. love yer super super duper chao hell loadz!! -huggs-

[ lynette ]thanks fe the pictures... yupps...


Wednesday, February 18, 2004

my knee hurts.. fer no stupid reason.. very shit lor.. if stand up or sit dwn very suddenly den pain.. den i sit fer so long and dun move it den it feels as though its gona be numb... wad kinda shit is this?? rah... walk dwn stairs oso look so funny... =s

bloody shit... ah... why am i so blurr?? i worse den jh.. when she found out bout the test.. i still dun even noe there was gona be a test... hahahhahhaha.. goodness... hahahhahha...


Tuesday, February 17, 2004

what the shit lor... rah... pls lor.. i dun like him means i dun like him!!! rah... and which toots ever started sayin tt i do??? tt person really deserves to die.. cannot be juz frends meh??? nothing better to do den go and tok all dis kinda shit... aiyo..i really really really really really really really really dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn like.. u bloody poots... rah!!!!!

and i really wld like hw to noe hw the shit did some ppl get me blog??? hmmms...

aiyo.. i really hope all this shit wld stop.. yupps... =) cos im a really guai and niceeeeeee person.. and i will nt lie if i DID like him...


Monday, February 16, 2004

duno why today feel so damn tired lor.. and my eyes tired until pain lor.. aiyo.. so tired... den dis sng sae im talkative???? wtf... look hus tokin can... she tok so much more den me... wana tell me off oso muz show me sth tt i can follow firz right?? too bad if shes a teacher and tt she needs ta tok.. hahahha.. im a student and i oso need to talk.. talking is not a want.. its a need.. wahhahahhha.. she likes to pick things to scold ppl??? sigh.. gettin very irritated really easily dis few days... wads wrong wif me??

and den juz nw stupid mum juz scolded me.. wad the shit lor... rah...

shit la.... tmr got elit test and den on thursday got home econs.. rah... someone help me pls... im gona die soon...

ok.. i dun seem to have the mood to blog anymore.. it wasnt even proper bloggin anw.. so wth..

[shu wei]heyy muz cheerups alrite.. not use ta seeing u not happy.. alwais see u happy happy one.. yupps... and if yer angry u can cum look fer me and shout at me.. liddat will feel better one.. yupps.. and if u want to tok to someone.. can cum look fer me toos.. yupps... muz cheerups or yer dear junior will be sad toos.. =)

[qinn]heyy.. sorry hor.. like wasting yer precious time lor today... aiyo.. but im really really sorry... but i look real funny doing it.. whahahhahahha.. ok... and i cant rmb the steps.. whahahha.. ok.. main thing is tt im sorry.. yupps.. =)


Sunday, February 15, 2004

today i went fer tuition.. hahahha.. so retarded lor.. and cherie is sooo pretty.. hahahhahhahha... and shes soooo slim.. hahahha.. and tall... rah.. and this stupid jiang.. hahaha.. no offence ubut wen scoldin.. she looks like a pig.. hahahahhahhaha.. opps... hahahahahahahahahaahaaaahhaa.. ok anw.. it was rather funn and wen we went into ther hse.. we saw kells mum inside.. jiang sae tt she was sitting there the whole time.. to make sure.. kells bro doesnt make trouble... hahahha.. so scary lor.. and wen pauline was laughing.. kjelly said tt she cld hear her frm outside.. whahahahhaha.. ok.. cant rmb anything liao.. whahahhaha
kell was walkin and acting like some mad man.. will talk bot it some other time


hahahaha.. went out with suyee peggy siggy and cyy yest.. hahahha.. went to orchard.. yupps... was juz walkin ard.. we were all late.. hahahha... siyings mum fetch us to yck mrt station.. yupps... den we went in la... den suyee told siying tt shes makin pizza.. hahahha so she was going to be late... hahaha.. so peggy sae she was going to be late.. as she was going to take her time cos suyee was going to be late.. hahahha so we thought poor cyy... hahahah..den cyy msg siying.. sayin tt she was sorry cos she was going to be abit late.. hahahha.. so end up all late lor.. but wen we got there.. cyy was alr there.. hhahahha...
den me cyy and siying went out.. yupps.. den peggy walk all the way to tangs.. hahhaha.. so we had to walk there.. hahahha.. yupps... den after tt we alk ard in tangs.. hahahaha.. duno hw this peggy and cyy lead one.. anyhw walk.. den we oso duno where we walkin to.. walk enuf liao.. den we walk to far east..on the way right.. guess hu we saw?? fiona!!! and her BOYFRIEND tt is.. hahahahha.. we were laughing our heads off... and si think she felt damn maluated.. cos wen she saw us.. she quickly walk away frm her bf.. whahahahhahahhahhahhaa... u shld have seen her at tt time man... damn funny lor...ok den we peggy bought me and siying 1 pink n 1 red balloon.. cyy got a pink one.. think.. and she got a candle toos. hahahhaa.. ok.. after tt suyee came.. yupps.. out stupid balloon keep falling off lor... mine kept falling off in the shop.. siynigs one in far east..and outside far east.. hahahha.. cyys one nvr drop.. until wen she was alone tt time... then it dropped on the road.. and a car ran over it.. so poor thing... next time.. i get her a really niceee biggg one.. yupps... =)
anw... i got scolded wen i got home... aiya.. long story la.. too lazy to type out.. yupps.. hahahhaa.... but after going out with them... me family wen to visit our frend.. she soooo poor thing.. hope she recovers soon... wanted to give her a bigggg hugg.. but thought i wld hurt her or sth.. and anw.. din think the parents wld allow.. hahahahahha.. bought her a bag of sweets!!!=) yupps...


Friday, February 13, 2004

damn irritated can... wads wrong with the bloody class?? ok.. shant be angry.. and tok about nice nice things.. yupps.. like today...

ok... today!!!! started off with me havin ta wait fer miss qin si yeo ta cum ta sch... iwen i called her.. it sounded as though she was alr gona reach.. den she take so long ta reach sch lor... rah.. make me wait so long... hhahaha.. k den this na.. hahhaha.. she came to sch wif a basket full of sweets.. hahahha.. yupps.. and only the jinksces ppl go something extra and her stupid ex bestie got such a niceee present.. no fair... bias!!! hahahaha..

ok.. den everyone was giving out their stuff.. hahahha.. and i was super luan.. and me table was super messy.. hahahha.. full of pik and purple stuffs.. hahhahahhahha.. ok.. den during recess.. it was my turn!!! hahahha.. i pack me cookies.. yupps.. qin, jh, siggy help me pack the cookies toos.. hahahha.. thanks guys.. ok... gals... hahahahahaha... ok.. den i cabn give out liao.. hahahhaha.. yupps.... but den got stupid lessons...u tell me hu wants to pay attention la.. stupid caipoh scolded me and jh.. cos why??? look out of the class room fer a whle.. wadever lor.. liddat oso wana scold.. and den still sae tt the both of us nvr pay attention.. crap lor.. we got can.. dun tell me she cock eye until liddat..

after tt.. i had a really hard time giving out the presets cos after mrs sng let us out.. alot of ppl go home liao.. so i cldnt give ta jean and sai.. yupps... but giving it to dem on monday.. still got other ppl oso nvr give.. cos smart me.. anyhw go and give ppl.. hahahha.. see hu juz give.. whhahahahaha..

and dis bel and chew la.. in class make so much noise.. cos bel ate hers.. and she wanted another one... den chew wanted hers too.. but i had abit of a problem at tt time.. rah.. and dey din wana stop askin me fer it.. anw.. i juz gave one ta chew.. i cldnt give bel another one cos there was not enuf liao.. yupps.. and wen we went out of sch.. hahaha.. i forgot to give ms rockey her present. rah.. nvm.. hope she did get it anw.. ask someone ta pass it to her.. yupps...

today i go very funny mood.. one min.. damn sian.. nxt min irritated.. nxt min.. very retarded.. aiyo wads wrongwif me ah??? sigh.. nvm.. got no mood agn.. wtf...


happy valentines day!!

i noe one dae early.. but tmr cant use com.. yupps.. =)

whahahhaha.. ok.. last nite.. aiyo.. duno wad happen oso.. cldnt tell wad was flour.. anw... i was playin and playin and playin.. whahahhaa.. and den wen the cookies came out.. yuck!!! ok.. it wasnt yucky but it was rather plain.. hahaha.. and tt isnt me problem anymore.. whahahaha.. u ppl can slowly go and try ta swallow it.. whahahahhha.. and if u die pls dun cum back to haunt me.. whahahahhaha.. ok.. yupps...

and during interact... we were havin some muchhhhh funnn.. yupps... esp the small grp of us... hahahha.. i think our juniors.. all very guai.. but really retarded.. hahahhaha.. yupps... and they are really nice ta be wif.. yupps.. and some go and bully me lor... poots... wana die only... hahahahha.. ok.. no time liaos.. yupps...


Thursday, February 12, 2004

whahahhahahha.. ok.. yesterday was kinda fun.. mean the part selling all the haearts to the lower primary.. hahahha.. they very small and cute... lynette had to squat dwn for them to choose which one they one.. hahaha.. den they all so automatic come to us.. me lynette siying cyy and someone tt i duno hw to spell.. ok.. we were juz standing there toking.. and we din expect the lower primary to juz walk up to us.. they came up and sae 'i want one.. i want one" so cute can..but they very poor thing leh.... their allowence nt sae got alot oso lor.. den they spend their money on this kinda thing... yupps...

and blurr me thoght tt we were suppose to go fer duty at 9.45.. hahahha.. was suppose ta be 9.30.. whahahhaha.. ok.. but i really thought tt it was 9.45 yupps... den siying was outside me class waiting.. and cyy kept looking at me.. whahaha.. den i took out the paper.. den i saw 9.30.. whahaha.. den quickly go tell teacher lor... yupps... this stupid cyy.. msg me wen i stand up?? ok... but tan shu wei let us off.. yupps..

and i watched some show on channel 62.. scv la.. got this damn cute guy lor.. goodness.... and after tt show got some ghost thing.. so i went ta watch it.. its about some sea spirit thing.. stil like the retarded one wif the damn cute guy.. the show very retarded.. whahahaha.. yupps...

better go and bitch now... yesterday got not enuf time can...


whahahhahahha.. ok.. yesterday was kinda fun.. mean the part selling all the haearts to the lower primary.. hahahha.. they very small and cute... lynette had to squat dwn for them to choose which one they one.. hahaha.. den they all so automatic come to us.. me lynette siying cyy and someone tt i duno hw to spell.. ok.. we were juz standing there toking.. and we din expect the lower primary to juz walk up to us.. they came up and sae 'i want one.. i want one" so cute can..but they very poor thing leh.... their allowence nt sae got alot oso lor.. den they spend their money on this kinda thing... yupps...

and blurr me thoght tt we were suppose to go fer duty at 9.45.. hahahha.. was suppose ta be 9.30.. whahahhaha.. ok.. but i really thought tt it was 9.45 yupps... den siying was outside me class waiting.. and cyy kept looking at me.. whahaha.. den i took out the paper.. den i saw 9.30.. whahaha.. den quickly go tell teacher lor... yupps... this stupid cyy.. msg me wen i stand up?? ok... but tan shu wei let us off.. yupps..

and i watched some show on channel 62.. scv la.. got this damn cute guy lor.. goodness.... and after tt show got some ghost thing.. so i went ta watch it.. its about some sea spirit thing.. stil like the retarded one wif the damn cute guy.. the show very retarded.. whahahaha.. yupps...

better go and bitch now... yesterday got not enuf time can...


Wednesday, February 11, 2004

hahahahaha.. looks like my new past time is really great.. but im so gona get killed by me ahem even if dey duno wad exactly my past time is now... if dey do... woohoo..... sae goodbye to me... cannot sae hu la... cos duno hw they find out one. but ltr they will find one.. whahahahhaa... anw.... i juz realised tt me blog looks very messy.... yupps so im gona paragraph it nicely.. so tt it will look really neat.... yupps...

and when we met mr daryl tan yesterday.. he gave me a pink lollipop... hahhahahahha.. and he is a relief teacher in another school... yupps.. amk sec.. hahahahha.. and he saes tt he really misses us... and tt we are so much guaier... and duh.. more funn.. yupps....

and some person really ought to go and do sth bout her hair... hahahahahahaha.... ok.. and tt person is called hair.. hahahahhaha... i feel really mean... hahahaha.. but it can be quite funn... cos we are really mean to her.. i mean like we are juz toking bout it.. and nt telling anyone else.. so tt the thing doesnt spread.. yupps.. so nice right?? hahahhahha..

and we are gona do the primary recess thing today.. goodness... someone.. s-m-e-l-l-y is gona be there... hahahahha.. ok.. but anw me gotta bring my pink pink pillow... hahahaha.. duno wad the hell are they gona do with it.. dey sae wana decorate the place?? hahaha.. how are they gona do tt?? its not like u can paste my pillow some where rite?? hahahha..

and i juz realise tt me freakin bag is sooo big and fat... aiyo.. got two textbooks inside... rah... sure die carrying the bag one.. unless someone wana help me carry... hahhahhaha.. ok.. have ta go off ta complete me bitchin.. yupps.. hahahhaha


Tuesday, February 10, 2004

me siggy and stupid cyy met daryl today.. he is such a kanasai can.. rah... sae he want me to help him do sth.. den make me walk all the way out lor... reach ready den he msg me.. sae he alr ask another person go and do liao.. wadever can.. ask me walk so far den cum and tell me no need ready.. hahaha.. so decided.. if he was stil outside.. i cld kick him.. haahahha fer makin me walk sooo much... hhmph!!! anw.. when we went out rite.. we ask .... erm... fergot hw to spell.. anw.. we ask her if she saw daryl.. mr tan.. den she sae the duno wad one la... duno is the handsome one or the shuaige or sth liddat la... hahaha.. so funny lor... ok anw.. so i used cyy fone ta call him.. and we put it on loudspeaker... hahhaha.. so t everyone cld sae sth.. yupps... den he sae he is outside... right.. so we were walkin la.. still tokin.. yupps.. den we saw na outside.. the gate dwn there... yupps.. so we tok to her too.. hahahha.. den she said something to daryl.. yupps.. den we cont walkin.. towards ave2 tt side.. den we saw tt poot.. he was walkin up... yupp.. den we stand there and tok to him lor... whahahaha... and dis stupid cyy.. keep pushing me... juz because he is her crush?? wadever lor.. admit it can... aiyo.. nt like i wil take him away frm u.. keep pushin me fer wad??? wana die izzit??? i cld have juz pushed u on the road... car pass so fast.. wont be surprised if u were killed.. hahahha.. jk la... oso nvr push u... hahahha.. u die liao.. den got none ta bully.. oh and jinghui showed him the once happy royal family pictures.. whahahahha... and yupps.. so daryl noes hu the hell is stupid chin yy.. yupp.. so tt stupid gurl very happy.. hahahhhhahaha..
den today dis stupid lynette oso la... ask us to wait fer her to get excuse letter... so tt tmr can miss lesson to go to sell stuff during primary recess.. yupps.. gd rite?? hahaha dun hafta stay fer chi lit lessons.. nt tt the teacher sucks or anything.. shes quite nice though.. but i hate the lessons.. so boring.. anyone can fall aslp lor.. hahahha.. yupps...
ohs and tmr got history.. hahaha.. haven do the homework yet.. konishi mei better go and do lor.. every lesson oso get scolded by tan shu wei... cos she nvr go and do her homework.. alwais the same thing one every lesson... hahahhahahhaha.. ok.. and me the super duper guai monitor.. beta go and do it toos.. but after doing wadever i wana do on the com la.. yupps..
oh and to day right.. we made siying the new empress.. cos the emperor doesnt like the empress.. hahahha.. so she in sisted on divorcing her... whahahahhaha... den cyy demoted to the servant liao.. hahahhahaha.. but its alrite... at least now... got someone to serve us.. hahahha
im off to do some lil bit of bitchin.. yupps.. hahahaha..


kor is soooooooooooooooooooooo bias..... not fair lor.. alwais sign twins tagboard den dun wana sign me guestbook.. u tell me bias not...
anw... me and jinghui have a secret............sth.. ok... hahahahha... yupps.. juz today got test la... and got no time to do wadever we are suppose ta do.. yupps.. hahahhaha... cant wait fer it to officially start.. hahahha.. it will be so chao fun.. whahahaha..
ok.. im going crazy... anw.. i suppose everyone was either studyin or nt home yest afternoon.. yupps.. so sian can.. got hardly anyone online can...
and the i am person on siyings blog is really funny.. wahhahaha.. ok.. she is really a joker lor.. whahahha.. and she sae someone is jealous.. wonder hu tt person cld be.. hahahhhaa...
[ i am ]hahaha.. i think u shld really put yer name there lor.. hahahha.. and i really think yer funny.. so keep up the good work at entertaining us.. whahahha..
[ twin ]hahha.. dun u think wad i said to i am is right?? hahhaha.. ok and i realise wen u put yer msg to me right.. my name really bigggg... hahahaa.. tts good.. it shows tt yer bias towards me.. so i dun really mind.. whahahhaahahha.. and thanks so much fer sending me 3/4 way back home.. hahahha.. u left me the last part to walk alone.. yupps... and dun u think surrounded by all the retards?? hahaha.. well i dun wana see another one like the one we saw ion the bus ever agn.. hahaha.. yk care.. loveeya!! -huggs-


Monday, February 09, 2004

ok... today school was like per normal.. juz tt i was questioned by hell whole lot of ppl... ok.. and most of them had something wrong wif their eyes..
there are 4 goups of ppl.. 1.ppl hu ask me bout me hair...and they go blah blah blah blah blah... 2.ppl hu cant believe tt im a monitor.. ok.. wads wrong wif being a monitor?? i so guai..duh can be monitor la... 3.ppl tt toks me hair and is shocked tt im a monitor.. 4.ppl tt dun sae anyting..
hahahhaa.. ok... yupps... and me hair looks like a paintbrush now.. yupps.. it feels like one too.. yupps.. but i have gotta get used to me hair being liddat.. yupps.. and everyone else has gotta get used ta seeing me wif short hair.. hahaha.. some ppl sae i look better liddat some sae i look beta wif long hair.. hahahaha.. anws i dun really care... juz think me hair is really exploded now... hahaha.. tie that time oso so messy.. hahaha.. but noone has said anything.. and i had ms lows lesson.. so i think me hair shld be ok la... but im waiting fer it to grow to the length i want it to be... i hope by the time me birthday comes.. it wld be tt length liao.. yupps..
and i really duno wads wrong wif cyy??? she sae suyees book is nt wif her... den she tell suyee some time ago tt its wif her??/ aiyo.. really duno wad tt monkey trying to do man.... she nt tokin sense one.. hahaha.. and if suyees book go missin... hahahaha.... she can go look fer cyy.. cos its n really not me prob liao... whahahha... =p
aiyo... and the stupid msn ah... keep helpin sign out.. thanks ah...
oh and today... is me third time cumin home on me own??? k it sounds really pathetic.. but.. nvm.. longgggg story... ok.. anw.. me swt twin and i were in the stupid bus la..and got this mad man.. wa lao.. any hw scold ppl... lucky he nvr cum to the back where the both of us was sittin lor.. hahaha.. and stupid bus 76... take soo loong to cum lor... wait until the sun soo hot den cum.. wad kinda logic is that?? den i have to walm home in the hot sun lor... rah... and me bag was quite heavy...
hahahhahaha.. juz saw someones grad photo.. damn funny.... hahaha.. better nt sae hu tt person is... ltr she go and kill the person hu send me the picture.. whahaha.. but she wont noe tt its her.. whahahaha... so funny lor...


gosh... it really sucks!! it really sucks and its worse... goodness... i really cant stand it.. nw my hair looks as though its juz exploded... its a puffed up.... and its chao frizzy??? god its disgusting!!! and everythin seems to be going against.. esp my belt.. i have been tryin ta wear it fer ages... i cant wear it properly.. theres always sth wrong wif the back... the belt muz be tooo god damn tight... like and its all thanks to hu??? i so really look retarded now... rah... ok... and the retarded side of me really seems ta be gone... gone along wi the rest of me hair.... i dun feel ratarded anymore... and... nvm.. theres no point going on..


Saturday, February 07, 2004

i went ta cut my dear hair.. and nw its freakin disgustingly short!!i cant even tie it!! maybe i can.. erm... lets see... the fcuking ponytail will be so short.. it looks exactly like a ducks tail..ok.. ard...10 cm....shld be ard there.. so if anyone toks to me.. hahaha.. dun be surprise if i juz screm at u... and im really sorry if i do... i hate my hair!! its digusting!! after cuttin it.. and i look on the floor... i cld have juz cried... there was enuf to make a wig... or maybe... paintbrushes?? lots and lots of paintbrushes... let me say this.. i really LOVED my hair... its as good as nt havin anything on my head nw.. ok.. and everyone has to irritate me at this very single point of time... right.. oh smart can they get?! im pissed enuf... and wen i go back to school noone is to tok to me bout my hair!! and i mean noone!! i will either scream at you or i'll juz cry in yer face... or if im feelin nice... i'll juz walk away.. and u dun hafta tok to me fer the whole day... got it?! i wont tok to anyone about my hair!! and anyone.. hu dares irritate me futher will really get it frm me.. i dun care hu the fishing hell you are!! and i dun suppose i can tok to anu=yone bout anything.. esp wen im thinkin bout me hair.. alrite?? i will juz cry.. and fishing jed shld stop reading wad im typin before i really scream my head of at him.. its really nt my fault alrite? wana blame someone fer this go blame the morons hu contributed to the state my hair is in now..


Friday, February 06, 2004

yest got blue hse track tryouts.. yupps. and i got such a retarded timing can... rah.. and den after runnig and playin in the rain wif bernice.... i was soooo stinky can... and so i spryed impulse.. bt i din noe i sprayed alot.. but i spryed it an air con room. so..... hahahhaha.. everyone was like hu sprayed perfume ah?? hahahahaha.. anws.. i really suck at running... hu cares...
and we are gona do high jump today... during pe.. yupps... and unlucky me got me period today..duno hw in the world am i gona jump.. im juz lucky it din cum out yest wen i was runnin... hahahha... qinn told me nt ta worry...and tt there was land pressure?? hahahhaha...
hahaha.. was late fer art yest... and den i felt so reatrded yest.. tt during lesson... i kept tokin and laughing.. i was juz going crazy.. hahaha..
sorry mr tan..
and i really think me maids are very irritating... duno why they like ta complain soo much..
anws.. me got to go off to school liao... yupps =)


Wednesday, February 04, 2004

i going home on my own today.. hahahaha... and im gona flunk me chi paper?? hahahhahaha.. ithink so... but i wont ever blame me teacher fer dis test.. yeps.. fer some good reason..whahahaha.. okies.. and yest.. brought me cam to school and took disgusting pic.. but hu cares.... i juz remove meself frm the pictures.. den tt wil leave me frends.. whahahaa.. too bad... wells.. dis stupid kerry alwais bias one.. i ask him sign me guestbook. den he dun want ta sign den he sign siggys tagboard.. liddat hw can?? hmmph!! hahaha.. ok wadever.. im being lame.. hahaha..me having a math class test today... yeps... me feelin very very happy now... and last nite... whahaha.. duno wads wrong.. maybe i have had enuf of being angry.. but me very bored now... hmmms.. i hav dis feeling i forgot to do homework.. but cant rmb anything nw... rah.... ohs.. and i fergot to add tt i bought a new pe shirt.. i bought size 40.. whahahhaha.. their cutting... is very... er... i duno izzit big or small.. hahahaha.. i think fer the shirt is big... the shorts is like chao small??? i think can give ta me sis wear liao.. lucky i nvr buy lor... see today got bigger one nt.. and got this line on me shirt... i duno hw the shit to describe.. but theres this line and i din even see it.. so im bringing it back to school ta change it.. yupps.. and when was it tt we had the niceeeee conversation? i love it so much!! chao crappy and funny lor... tts cos it was filled wif retarded ppl.. whahaha.. erms.. me..twin..kerry..estee..cyy.. mr daryl tan.. i think there where only 6 of us.. but it was chao funny.. whahaha.. and estee was so crappy.. whahaha.. anws i off ta school liao.. =)

[ twin !! ] hey baby gurl.. whahaha.. stil haven link you yet.. whahahahaha.. oops sorry.. but i like yer pinky blog.. yupps.... and you are cumin home wif me today.. i dun care lor... hahhaa.. im such a demandin twin..=) hahahahahaha..anws tk care.. love yer loadz!!! -huggs-

[ kerry ] hey dear kor.. u ah.. nvm.. yer such a poot... hahahhaa.. ok im sorry... ltr u sae i scold u agn.. hahaha.. i dun dare.... hahahhhaa.. and i wherre got so mean one?? hahhahaha.. anws.. u better go sign me guestbook lor.. or i'll keep sayin yer chao bias.. hahahhaha.. tk care.. love yer loadz!! -huggs-


Monday, February 02, 2004

hahahahah.... at estees hse now... her hse is so chaoooo niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... and its damn bigg.... and i love her car.. rah.. she is so lucky lor.......... and her room is soooo nice... chao big and nice and she share wif her sis only... me leh??? share wif so many ppl.... rah..... hu cares... got place ta slp can ready... hahahahhaha.... yupps... and dis stupid siggy only noe how to tok shit to ppl.... she IS FULL OF SHIT!!!!!! yupps... and estee has a big bird plushie... so nice.... the big bird got fits one.. keep vibrating.. hahahahha.. but its sooooo cute... whahahahahhahaha... yupps... and i dun wana o home.. her hse is soooo nicee.... and cold... rah...... hahahahahaha.... and i like the duno wad mushroom food thing... its so nice... i finished everything.. hahahahhahaha.. and real happy everythings cleared between me and joe... yeay... hahahahhahahahaha.. we are havin so much funn now.... hahahahahhahahaha... yupps... so happy... and me dads sis is cumin over fer dinner ltr... got more angbao.... hahahhahahahah... yeay! hahahahha.. and ok... some ppl are so rude..... and if tt small toot reads this... too bad.... hahahhahahahahahahha... aiya.. but she can be quite nice... hahahha... lalala.. and sam is sendin her number to all of us now??? hahahaha.. we are like " sam juz send me the same msg" hahahaha... and everyone is sayin the same thing... hahahhahahha... okies... anws.. i think for got to tok bout the one hope day... in short... anyone hu is nt in one hope 03.... too bad fer you... cos like you guys miss out on alot.. whahahaha... and i agree tt me hair quite sucks... cos like theres dis part tt got prob.. hahahahhaha... anws... hahahaha... dun feel like bloggin anymore... hahahaha


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