Friday, May 25, 2007

im going for AB camp in like two hours. (: and i'll only be back on wed. so ya. you can msg. but i'll only get to see it on wed ? think so. yes. and jaime yong has to start studying. and everyone is just dying to study with her. woooooo. AHAHHAAH ! ladidums.

ok. im going to shower and sleep and shower then go. SEE YA ! WLDNT WANA BE YA !


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

OH NO ! im not angry... no no no. not in the previous post. HAHHAHA !

oh but i realised that im act quite hated. oh wells.


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

dearest darlings,
im so sorry if you have a darn problem with me. but i cant help it can i ? like oh no. noone wants to talk to you but they want to talk to me. awwww. how sad. well. maybe you can try asking me for help ? yeah yeah. :D i'll be more than glad to help.
if you think im attracting attention and a flirt and that ive got a huge problem sitting then awwwwwwwwwww. thats just too bad. well. the sitting. sorry nothing will change. habit. so ya. your problem. the aa and flirt part also your problem. i really realy wldnt want or need any unneccceessssary attention from anyone. (:
AND if you have a serious problem. say it in my face. tell me. i'll have a good laugh with you. dont put yourself in such a lowwwwwww down position and make yourself sound so pathetic and stupid. tsk tsk. ((:


Sunday, May 13, 2007


yes. supposed to have hockey outing. BUT there was council. so i didnt go. and they didnt wana let me go. so i had to wait till lessons ended to rush down. but too bad. too late. then all gone. so i went back there ! which is also good. ha ! yes. my name for the day was jordan. how exciting. HAHAHAH ! ya. the j2s were having hand ball. soooo i went down for hockey. and they were playing touch rugby ? walao. so jaime played hockey with the sick weilin. we ended up sitting on the floor. yeah yeah. saw like most of them.no act not. its just the tfifteen back row. (:

OH YA ! then val alyssa[?] and i did like the craziest thing alive. not craziest but still crazy. initially we were waving at rhian at the busstop from the overheadbridge. then we realised that the ppl in the cars were waving back. it started with one idiot that stuck his hand out of the window to wave back. HAHAHAH ! what a joke. so the three of us started standing there waving like idiots. tsk tsk tsk. then sooo many ppl were waving back. super hilarious. one blew a flying kiss at val ? AWWWWW ! val did one back. :/ anw. it was stupid. but fun stupid. ((:


watched spideman3. (: with Tthirtyseven ! (: HAHA ! yes. with my new friends. AND IM SO SORRY I WAS SOO LATE ! :/ i think its nice. yes yes. damn funny. not the show. im talking about us. HAHAHA ! :D headed down to ps to eat. then went to the arcade. honestly. i dont think 4ppl are suppose to be doing that dancing thing. its like retardd la. 8 ppl on the platform stepping on stuff. AHHAHAHHA! 4girls still not that bad. there were another 4guys. and that stupid ivan ! gosh. keeep blocking everything. HAHAHA !

and i never knew frequent arcade visitors were such good basketball players. ((: haha. went back with weixuan and val. cam whorring our way back. HAHHHA ! damn dumb. i swear everyone was just staring. :/ ooooops. who cares. I WANT THE PHOTOS ! ((: YAY ! it was great fun. now who will act attempt to lick a poster. ans: jaime and val. HAHAHAHAH ! yay. pirates !!! cant waitttt. (((:


Thursday, May 10, 2007


jaime headed down to get some food then to ccab. ((: aj volleyball won. well done.
anwwww. i just realised how annoying ppl can really get.
ANDDD i realised how fun the frisbee can be. ((: haha. went back to ceejaycee in my pretty non blue unifrom. played frisbee with the tennis and bball ppl. there were 6 of us only. haha. but it was still really fun ! AHAHAHA ! then i went back with jordan tan. yup. and i met their nice new home tutor. she looks like a really nice person. heard shes a really nice person too !


people like to piss jaime yong off. like super. but i met camille and rach kwan ! oh yipeee. and they brought my jacket along. yup yup yup. (((: so made my day. and its damn fun cam whorrrrring with them. :D haha ! everyone. and camilles stupid shorts. HAHAH ! not funny. anw.. im just super happy that they broght the jacket down. yipppppeeee. jaime now has the nice blue jacket. ladidums.

ok. theres shit alot of things i need to do. just cant rmb what. hurrrr. oh and theres hockey outing tmr. yay ? HAHA ! (: and then theres T37 outing on sat ! spiderman !!! wooooo.


Sunday, May 06, 2007

met jen on fri ! yay me ! well she came over when i was having training. so ya ! ((: we went over to NYP to grab some food. well she didnt eat. adn we talked and talked. i miss jen. im so happy i saw her. im so happy she came to aj. its been such a long time. anwwww... ya. met andrew there. blah blah blah. met fiona wong there too !

blah blah blah. had council camp over the weekend. the first part of it was @#$^@#$! i dont like. hurrrr. im so happy i have tiong in my group. ((: YAAAAAAAAAAY ! ahhaha. and that dumb^4 is like soooo dumb. tsk. fall down still want to pretend to be super strong and macho. dont know what the hell is going to happen when he rolls down the staircase. anwwww. ya. we went through alot of shit. and i tahaned. well done. jaime rocks.

oh yay. jordan owes me prata. darcy owes me dinner. ppl owe me money. well doneeee. and im going for spidey3 on sat ! with my dearest darlingT37 ! not my. theirs. same diff. haha.

jaime yong needs to clear her poo hell homework. or she'll get kicked out of council. :/ BAHHHH !


Friday, May 04, 2007


im sad sad sad. tsk tsk. i really want to go out there and shout my lungs out for you guys. BUT I CANT. and its just killing me inside. i really want to be a part of everything agn. but i cant show it. cos technically im not supposed to even feel this way. AND YES THIS SUCKS. and i have to turn myself into this super twofaced shit head. which is super gross. i really dont want to. but given the situation that im stuck in now. i cant help it.

am i really suppose to put a smile on my face ? as easy as it is. its really very difficult. whenever my heads blank and desperate to think of something. i always go back to the same thing. bad bad bad. VERY BAD. i always feel so shitified when they lose and i dont really give a damn when they lose. its not on purpose ! its just the way it is.

and aiyaaaaaa. WHYYYYY ??!?!?!?!??! why are you doing this to me ? WHY IS EVERYONE DOING THIS TO ME ?! oh no. self pity is bad. tskkk. what am i doing ?

THERES COUNCIL CAMP TMR. hmmmmmmm. lucky tiong is in my group ! or i'll just faint and die. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. shiat. theres lit. hurrrrr. you stinking thing. damn dumb la. crab heads. i pray that you will never be a part of me. well actually you will never get the chance to. DONKEYS ! hahahaha. NEVERRRRR ! no link. this paragraph is filled with statements that has no link. which is good. YES ! go away. before i burn you to hell.

YOU ARE ALL LIKE THE EVIL STEPMOTHERS IN FAIRYTALES ! eeeeee. one day you'll lose ! and i will live happily ever after. you may get your way now. but it wont last forever !


Thursday, May 03, 2007

oh yay. i like blue. thats becuase im in blue half of my life. ((: yuppers. true blue bluer. HAHA ! and i always see blue. so i miss seeing blue. its not like im not blue but i miss seeing blue and being in blue and surrounded by blue. HA !

and i honestly hate annoying bloody irritating ppl. soooo leave me aloneeee. gosh. get a life. a blue life wld be nice. (: oh yes. i cant wait for camille to come down. i really cant wait. then i'll be like quite blue when im wearing my jacket. yess. HAHAH ! but its a different blue. nvm. its still blue. but i dont think both blues go. BUT THEN AGAIN WHO CARES. its blue. and blues good. yessss.

but no ! blue is not my favourite colour. neither is it not not my favourite colour. HA ! get it ? dont get it ? too bad. tsk. ya. save as draft is blue too. i like blueeee cos im blueeee. HAHAHA ! everything used to be pink back in secone. oh non no. pink is not nice anymore. nope nope. right twinnie ? i have a twin a long lost twin that noone knows about. until now. oh wells. HAHHAA ! noone knows what im talking about. tsk tsk tsk. dumb asses.

tada. i shall get new clothes. and some of it will be blue ! wheeeeeee. i loveeee blue. oh no. jordans big blue cj shirt is with me. whoopers. eeeeeeeeeeee. why are ppl so annoying ? tsk tsk tsk. oh i just realised that bloggers so blue. yay. i like. (((:

i shall colour all my blue words blue now. cos theyre currently black. but you wont get to see the black. you'll only see the blue. wait. i think i need to finish typing first. or everything will turn blue then i'll have to turn it black. i want to go shopping. YESSSS ! SHOPPPING AND EATING AND WATCHING MOVIE. butttttttt stupid grey green dying thing. tsk. so much work. GIVE US HOLIDAY LA. then i can study and not go school. so that i can use my holiday to play. dumb.

lets fly ! high up into the skyyy. why ? cos its blue ! or lets go diving in the sea. why cos its suppose to be blue. YUP ! act. i can just swim in the pool. cos its blue too. yayayayayayay. no wonder i always feel so good walking past the pool at night.

did i leave out anything ? hope not. YAY ! BLUE IS COOL !


Tuesday, May 01, 2007


theyre going to have their last match tmr. GOOD LUCK GIRLS ! ALL THE BEST. dont be scared when they look like giants beside all of you. trash them !!!! ok no. whatever. i mean ya. shit. WHATEVER LA. just do your best. I LOVE YOUUU !!!! (((((:

im done with almost all my work. yes yes. im so happy. whats left is alot. AHHAHA ! stupid econs. hurrrrr. regret taking it. im not made for econs. :/ BAHHH ! and the stoooooooooopid chem test tmr. EAT SHIT ! i havent started. im dead ? i ront care.

YAY ! anw. siying and wei came over last night for some girly talk. YAY ! i miss them. like ALOOOTTT ! hahaha. its so fun talking to them. i laughed and laughed and laughed until my mouth hurt soooo bad. gosh. i really miss stnicks.


sadjaskd;laksd;laksd/ wheeeeeeeee. lets pon school tmr. no wait. i didnt say that.


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