Sunday, April 30, 2006

sports day is over. uh huh. blue got second. but we know we're champions ! we will be back next year to watch the sec3s get back the challenge throphy. we as a house have done really well. 1st for Family Dance1st for House Cheer1st for Overall Cheer1st for Parental/Old girls support. what more can you ask for. if the didnt cancel the family race and teachers race we cld have gotten it.

we're all so proud of our blue house contingent. they've cheered and screamed their heads off. they've given our cheer team and our runners so much supprt. I LOVE BLUE HOUSE !

even though we only got second for cheer, we've done our best. we did well. many have said that we did really well and that we were really neat. YEAY ! shall get the video from den. I LOVE BLUE CHEER. sports day is over. no more cheer pracs. no more drillings. no more fun together with my little blue cheer friends. and no more $1 bubble tea. im really going to miss the bubble tea chicken rice. daily macs. and the fun jokes and laughter we've shared as a team. cheer chalet at the end of the year yes ?

we've got the best captain. the best cheer capt. the best comm. the best cheer team. the greatest mascots. and i simply love blue house.

RUI: thank you so much for helping out with backups and props . im sorry for whatever i did to make you angry. and we cldnt have gotten a better captain. yes. i love you so much.

SIQIN: my dearest cheer capt. you've been the greatest. thank you for all the encouragement your pateience and everything. and yes. your $1.50. (: I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH. cheer has been great.

JIAYA and WANTING: my other props capt and vice props capt ! sorry for not always being there. anw. you guys have done a really really great job. thank you so much for always being there to help me with whatever i needed help with.

BLUE COMM: you guys are the best. really the best. you guys were great during the routine. HAHA ! cutest bunch ever.

4JUSTICE DARLINGS : you guys have been the best. you have always been there for me no matter what. thank you for everything. (: I love you guys.

SENIORS: thank you for coming back to help. and for your support.

CHLOE, LOO, YUAI, CHERYL:i know that you guys have always been by the side, making me smile, constantly telling me to smile. uh huh. blue and red. best cheer friends forever. (:

ands last but not least
MY LITTLE BLUE CHEER FRIENDS: i am going to miss all the times we've had. and all the fun and drillings we've had together,i'll never ever forget our bubbletea, chicken rice, macs fries, BCC,den's spray and everything else. (: yes. the secfours will be back next year. (: i am going to miss all of you !

now that cheer prac is over. i've got to start working on my studies. dont want it dying. yup.


Friday, April 07, 2006

HEY ! i uploaded all the photos alr !


Monday, April 03, 2006

yesterday was great ! everything was super fun. the dares were stupid but fun. (: and the really long long long tiring walk made me lose weight i suppose. HA ! was out at town with laura xinjin jen reen kelly jolene dan walking from one end of town and back. i suppose they had alot of fun watching me do the really stupid things. but i had alot of fun doing the really stupid things. now. i dont think i can ever show my face in twon again. but i wont anw. not until after o's.

HAHA ! i'll still be on the look out for any hot cute guys. whahahaha. :D we went for dinner at gluttons bay ? sth like that. and then chew rebekah perlyn and pauline joined us. and they took on this really nice boat ride ! a freaking touching boat ride. (: it was really damn unexpected. and i almost dropped into the water. and i got a beautiful cheesecake on the boat. the uncle was really nice too ! well. everyone was freaking nice. haha.

i really had alot of fun yesterday. and i'll nvr ever forget it. thank you so much for everything !


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