Wednesday, March 31, 2004

i ready blogged yesterdae.. -points down- but it anit completed.. missed out a few things..

ok.. so i went to sis class yesterdae.. more like a ran there.. cos like it was 12.25+ so like i din wana be late fer molly leongs lesson.. before she did sth to me.. anw.. so i ran there.. and knock the door.. duno why like got no sound liddat but i din care.. den.. i open my mouth and said a few things.. and the teacher screamed "knock the door!"ok.. fine.. shui bian.. i knock agn.. den i wanted take a step in.. den she said "u stay outside until i say you can come in!!" wth.. really noe hw to waste me time sia.. k.. den i knock agn and stand there.. waiting.. "come in!" so i step in the class.. but very near the door there.. wanted ta greet her.. den " come here!! -points at yellow thing- stand at this yellow dot!! " wadever la.. so i walk there.. den she looks at watch.. "good day ms gabriel[?]" and i repeated.. -rolls eyes- wadever.. "may i speak to jasmine" and i repeated. " may i speak to jasmine PLS.." den she let me tok.. so we walk out of the classroom.. den she tell the class sec gurls are all very rude.. pls lor.. she wasted so much of my time.. that short ass.. lucky she noes shes short sia.. and tt im taller den her.. wahahaha..i stand outside the class and tok to jas tt time.. she sae sae sae so many things about me.. wadever b****!! after finish toking.. i said [really loudly] THANK YOU MS GABRIEL[?]!!

pls la.. i was almost late fer class can.. stupid sia.. anw.. i ran back just in time.. we walk out of the class tt time left one min to sprint to the damn lab.. we were maybe 1 or 2 mins late.. but she din sae anything.. yupps.. and i was honest enuf to chen ren tt i fergot to bring me file.. she sae bring next lesson.. so i give her todae lor..

oh and shihui jie made me this niceeee pink gel thingy..

woohoo.. and i confessed sth. wahahaha.. feel good sia.. wahahaha. but at first still like very wierd liddat.. den tt person sae sth stupid la.. den ok liao.. woohoo!! thanks man!!

and yesterdaes incredible tales.. super boring sia.. decided to slp first.. and i wanted to play with spongebob la.. so i was flipping him.. through the process of fliping him.. his stupid hand poke me eye sia.. super pain.. den yesterday.. throat oso super pain.. kanasia la.. must really be tt person pass to me one..


Tuesday, March 30, 2004

now in class la.. super bored sia.. yawns.. anw.. today suppose to have backups one la.. but end up is tmr start sia.. gosh.. den make me walk up and dwn the school with me bag la.. so heavy some more.. wth..

and that daryl tan oso la.. thanks to his students.. i cant get me pressie.. so hope on 11 april can go some where.. that he is going so tt i can abit get my present on that dae la.. yupps..

aiya.. now waiting fer sis to finish first.. den i can go home with her.. stupid sia.. if todae noe that got no backups den i early early go home liao.. walao.. den maybe got chance to use the fone.. anw.. yupps..

super lazy to continue bloggin.. so ma fan somemore.. wana read wad i type.. hafta keep looking up.. yupps..


yesterday.. mum fetched. but still reached home ard 3.

den i went ta eat and bathe and

called that poots so many times.. cos me mum called after she left and sae sth like me not being able to go fer the vjc concert thing. so i called alvernia den ya la.. den told her den she sae its compulsory.. so ya.. its compulsary.

den anw.. he din answer his fone.. so decided call his hse.. and his sis picked up the fone.. whahaha.. she damn niceeeee to tok to over the fone.. she oso abit feng that kind.. like me!! =) yupps.. so anw.. we were just toking and toking alot of crap. and realised that he is really mean to her.. ok.. quite la.. not as mean as mine.

ya.. so she was suppose to tell him to msg me so i cld call him when he reached home.. that gurl oso nvr tell.. thanks ah.. and that boy la.. aiyo.. go and call me hse....... lucky bro pick up.. not anyone else sia.. but still stupid brother din even tell me someone called la.. thanks alot.. anw.. i still went to call him la.. den i just tok to him la.. he quite guai guai one hor that lousy poots.. lousy at arguing with me.. but he listen to me la.. hahaha.. ok.. only some times -pouts- well.. at least its better den nt listening to me at all la.. den liddat can treat him as small boy.. hahaha

ok.. before that i was STUDYING and DOING HOMEWORK !!! yes.. super guai sia.. anw.. if im not wrong daryl is suppose to come to sch todae to pass me my nice pressie!! yupps.. but duno if he coming anot la.. cos todae we hafta stay back fer common test.. yupps.. sigh.. really scared i fail..i got problem with me maths now... i think my place the feng shui really not good.. :(

and to dae we have dance enrichment again.. second week liao.. still haven changed my opinion of dancing.. i dun really like it.. so since second week liao.. 8 more to go only.. yupps.. slowly wait ba.. sigh..


read wenjians blog and... ??? after reading i got nth to sae.. whahahha..

and i wld love to sae that gurls are not difficult to understand.. guys are kinda difficult to understand though.. ok.. maybe cos gurls will think tt guys are hard to understand and vice versa la.. cos we like noe wad gurls think.. they noe how guys think.. so yupps. but some gurls ah.. aiyo.. nvm.. forget it sia... think they abit the xiaoxers[?].. nvm..


Sunday, March 28, 2004

todae was super fun!! the bernice merisa jinghui na wanted ta come over so.. yupps.. they did.. anw.. told siyng to come along.. so she came too!!and i had super lot of funn on me birthdae.. and i am super grateful to everyone.. yupps.. frm those hu send me msges and those tt wish me.. to those hu came and esp those tt gave me pressies!! yupps.. thanks dears!! i love you guys so much.. really do appreciate it.. yeps..

ya.. anw.. we use com and fone like shit today la.. hahaha.. and they were tokin to hu? hahahahha.. better not sae la.. anw.. yupps.. dis bernice.. kept wanting to call her bro.. den i using com ah.. hear " i wana call him now leh" duno how many millions times sia.. sae until i really let her call.. aiyo.. that gurl ah.. hahahha

and song jinghui is really really scared of casper.. whahahaha.. duno her la.. small lil harmless thing oso scared.. keep making so much noise.. hahahhaha.. but cant blmae tt poor gurl la hor? hahahha..

and i think we keep distrubing this person la.. damn poor thing sia.. he wana do homewrok oso cannot do in peace.. cos why?? thanks to bernice la.. whahahahhahhaha.. sorry bernice.. but its a fact.. anw.. lets xi wang tt he not angry and irrtated with us la hor?

hahaha.. den eat alot of food oso.. eat until stomach pain.. hahahaha.. and there were super lotsa sweets and double deckers.. woohoo.. eat until i think can die ready sia.. i think put on at least a few kg.. hahahha.. but im enjoying life.. and tts a good thing.. whahahahha..

yupps.. so ber and jh spent most of the time on MY fone.. and the rest of us were listening to wad they sae lor.. yupps.. den one by one. they started to go home.. sad sia.. but nvm la.. they pei wo fer one whole dae liaox.. yupps.. and we had a lot of fun.. =)

yupps.. and im going to spend me time tokin and tokin and tokin over msn.. whahahhaha! lalalalalalalalala.. think i left out some stuff but hu cares.. too lazy to look fer the place.. yupps.. okie.. main point is to thank everyone fer everything.. yupps.. -huggs to everyone-


wah.. juz read a few ppls blog and realise this world got freakin irritating extra ppl. that like to interfere in ppls friendship.. like that stupid passerby la.. duno wad has she or he got ta do with wei and huis friendship.. wana make trouble?? make some trouble fer herself or himself dun screw things up fer ppl...


i super happy todae sia.. -grins- anw.. alot of shitified things happen.. i mean not todae but like before todae la.. hahhaha

anw.. mrs sng changed mine merisa jh bernice cyy place AGN.. like she keeps moving us.. why cant they let us settle down in wherever we are for like at least a few daeys first.. somemore.. it wasnt like there was noone else tokin wad.. so many ppl were toking as well den ms rockey complain bout us only.. like.. so wad can..

den mrs sng just change our place la... me merisa and jh move all the way to the back and bernice and cyy move all the way in front of the teacher.. sai lor..

ok.. dun tok bout her... waste time only.. wahhahha.. i oso duno wad to tok about now.. erms.... sian la.. dun have anymore mood ta blog..

okie dokies.. tonight den blog.. i go and play.. woohoo!!!

0 more days!!! got it??


Friday, March 26, 2004

yesterday was kinda shit lor.. in like i kept getting getting pissed off.. so ya.. like sth will happen.. den super pissed.. after awhile.. i try and forget about it and be happy den can laugh ready la.. den anohter stupid thing will happen den get super pissed again..

but the thing was vienna suyee and peggy came back!! =) yupps.. and they brought me pressie!! whahahhaha!! its a super chao ji cute little doggie!!! woohoo!! and i love it soo much!! yupps..thanks

yesterday we had games day fer interact.. we played captains bal.. at first like noone wana move liddat... den teacher tok tok tok tok.. so per was like aiya.. lets get up and go and play.. whahahha... den teacher tok tok somemore.. den after tt we went to play la.. aint exactly very fun when u compare it with like the time we played captains ball during pe la.. but stil quite fun..

before that we had hse meeting.. and shuwei said i dint cheer.... i did.... she sae she was looking me.. den i tok tok tok tok ok tok tok tok.. but nvr cheer.. i did.. maybe she never see.. thats all.. whahahhaa.. and i super love blue hse.. love blue hse sooooooooooooooo much cos BLUE HSE ROCKS!!

den after hse meeting went straight fer cca lor.. went upstairs tt time den the few of dem take sooo long to come up... at first i thought they died... k.. den they walk in... they made a grand enterence.. whahahha.. okie.. den cca started.. duno where that stupid kmp go hor?? den some certain ppl climb over some certain fence hor? den tell some other certain humanbeings ta tell some ppl ta call spme ppl.. and they are blaming this on siying?! go to hell!! if tt is true la.. aor else.. u can remain on earth.. hahahha

duno why but yesterday super tired liddat... went up to bed at ard 10+ msg till ard after american idol ended.. whahaha.. duno wad time was that..

shits.. die... todae how to run?? shit.. nevermind!! =) today is gona be a beautiful dae hor kerry?? yupps.. well.. it better be lor.... or i'll just be wasting my precious time being angry.. rather be happy can..

and i haven finished my home econs homework yet.. act.. i dun even noe wad homework there is.. and den if i got do anot.. whahahha.. anw todae going to bernices hse.. ta do project.. yupps..

and soooo.. im off ta school !


Thursday, March 25, 2004

hahaha.. yesterday.. jinghui and bernice was damn cute.. esp this stupid song jinghui.. keep making me laugh.. the both of them are crazy liaox.. hahaha.. me and merisa just sit there and listen to all their nonsense.. hahaha..

den during chinese lessons.. bernice stomach pain.. needed to go to the loo.. hahhahaha.. so i sat beside merisa.. den we started toking.. about the two of them.. den i think the class was rather noisy.. but it wasnt us tt was making the noise la.. so caipoh started scolding the class.. not really scoldin but more of teeling off la.. and she sae we bully her cos like when mrs sng is ard den we very quiet.. hahahha.. i dun think so.. so i suppose we were doing so work la..

todae gona have interact.. and of all weeks this week... and that thing had to come this week... ya.. like thanks.. shit lor.. think its aout 1 or 2 weeks early.. nvm.. means next month dun have ready.. but dis stupid month got so many this going on.. hafta go alot of places.. and i hope it doesnt spoil me birthdae..


Wednesday, March 24, 2004

duno wads wrong wif me man.. keep sneezing den got headache oso.. rah.. anw....... anw.. i forgot wad thes shit i wanted to sae.. rahhhhhs.....

okie.. yesterdae had dance enrichment.. hahahahaha.. okie.. think nat may dances really well... she was standing in front of me.. and i just suck at it..

and i seriously suck at sewing too.. still duno how to sew.. sigh.. me home econs homewrok still haven hand in yet can.. me hse tt sewing machine last night spoil la.. walao.. why clndt it wait fer me ta finish me homewrok fisrt?? now.. hand in wad?? must go sch and do la... rah....

we had bio lessons too.. okie.. molly leaong told us not to ever ever ever wear pe shirts into the lab agn or she will make us stand outside the calss... like?????? hot la... lazy la...

and ms rockey says tt me behaivour in class has improved since sch started.. so shes gona help me count.. and ijm gona be guai in class from now on.. erms.. i think i try to la.. hahahha.. no promises.. she sae fer one dae.. i get one clap.. so i already had two claps.. getting third one todae.. =)

oh and vienna wants me ta sae this "vienna is asking for a treat in exchange for your present.otherwise,cash will do as well" yes.. and i want her to come back.. why?? cos i really really really miss her.. and i want ta see her very very much.. will dis do stupid vienna???

okie sucks.. ahfat go ta sch liaox.. sucks la.. XP


Monday, March 22, 2004

wah!!!! tired man.. like wana go back ta slp agn.. not used ta waking up so early anymore.. still got up anw.. but the thing was.. i cldnt even slp.. was damn used ta slpin at 1 or 2.. tt last night i slept at two as well.. ytupps.. slp in between sis and bro.. really cannot get any slp one lor.. dey make so much noise.. den duno wads bothering me sis as well.. so i stayed up ta tokto her.. den i slept.. den sth came flying dwn on me.. jeds boster.. thanks alot!!

aiya.. its less den a week away.. hahhaha.. okie im carzy.. i dun wana go back ta sch.. but cant wait ta see all me frends!! hahahha.. and me homewrok still haven finish yet.. whahahha.. woooooops..

woohoo.. and pauline thinks i rock.. -bows- thank you thank you.. hahahhahha k.. im supeer retarded.. but damn scared as well.. cos my homework!!! die la.. nvm.. hahahha..


Saturday, March 20, 2004

im at occ now.. freakin bored now.. and the damn place is soooo freakin noisy.. so many ppl usin the com here.. yupps.. and on thursdae we hwent to twins hse fer sijias birthdae?? yupps.. shld be la..

anw im damn freakin happy.. something important.. really really important is cumin.. 8 daes more only!! and niceeeee ppl have bought me pressie!! yeay!!

and some ppl wants to have a damn treat before i et me pressie!! eh.. but i cant go out.. so shes askin fer cash?? stupid gurl.. hahahhaha

gosh.. i noe im really oisy in sch.. but i think im gona die here?? hahahha.. and shit la.. have sooo lil time to use the damn com.. 1 buck fer 20 mins.. idiotic place..

wells.. like a few minutes more den hafta go off liao.. stupid place.. so irritating.. i wana go out and use the com.. but i cant.. now its like freakin sch is gona start.. its not tt i dun wana go back.. i wana go back t see medear frends but juz tt the lessons.... yuck.. and me homework.. im dead.. i lied that i finished everything liao.. shits la..

can someone pls confirm wad stupid shit homework we have.. msg me!! i cant use the damn com after dis liaox!!

and that stupid person.. can stop irritating siggy not huh? pls la... she din do anything to you right? and wadever she does or doesnt do has got nothing ta do wth u..!!! yupps.. die liaox.. no time.. kanasai!!

to everyone: take caire.. i love you!!


Saturday, March 13, 2004

haven blog fer quite some time liao.. dun really cum online so often anymore.. and yupps..

got back ppr on fri.. i suppose everyone is saying the same thing.. but oh wells.. its a fact tt we got it back.. and yupps.. some certain ppl are happy bout their marks.. but im not so happy with certain subjects though i did improve on the overall..

anw..sth really really nice happened in school.. whahaha.. suppose only a few ppl noe wad im tokin bout.. but hu cares.. i hope they wont sae anything bout it.. or start passing things ard or some ppl will think im a b****.. yupps..

and on thursday.. we had muzikalton[?].. yupps.. had lessons fer half a dae only.. woohoo.. and we had soo much fun... i mean like hu wldnt be happy if there wasnt any lessons.. so we watched the performances.. and some were really nice..

after a lil while.. we got kinda tired.. cos we wre standing.. yupps.. den we went to watch them play bball.. yupps.. sec3s+2 chinese high guys against sec4s.. yupps.. den bernice's senior called peter and point to bernice.. so all of us siam.. hahahaha..

den we watch the performance den bball den it continues.. whahahaha

but anw we still went dwn to the bball court to watch dem play la.. k.. den moved nearer so can watch properly.. cos got the stupid thing blockin us la.. cannot see.. den stupid things happen.. -looks at jinghui- hahaha..

noone wil understand unless u were there with us.. yupps..

ok.. shit.. dun feel like bloggin.. lazy la..

nat- sorry.. will add u another dae yeahs? sorry..


Thursday, March 11, 2004

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yesterdae was the HAPPIEST DAE of me life.. like i got scolded fer telling the truth?! whao. and llike its really nothing big.. make oit look so bigg..

announcement: my fone has been confiscated.. wen me fone is back will sae..

like... hmmm.. thanks la fer confiscating my fine.. thanks.. thanks.. THAKNS!!!

and me dear twin ah.. i din sae anything.. and they wldnt dare lay a finger on you.. esp wen im in a horrible horrible mood!!!


Wednesday, March 10, 2004

i think ppl are gettin cuter and cuter and nicer and more reatrded each passing day.. whahahahhaha..

anw.. there was heats yesterday.. and i went dwn to help agn.. yes.. well dis time it wasnt so stressing.. whahahaha... anw.. was cheering while helping out.. cheer until my voice no more.. den it came back!! =)

help help help slack slack slack .. k den i decided to watch the running events.. they all look so tired.. some of them had to run 1500 first.. so they like go no more energy ta run liao...

then i went to carpark 26 to take me card frm me dear twin and went back to help.. then saw small shuwei.. she was having a headache.. dis dear gurl was having a headache and she continued shouting?? oh!!! and wen i came back right.. i saw blue hse really far frm the rest.. and i mean really far.. half a round away or sth.. and so it was either we were really far behind or we are way faster.. and it happened to be faster!! yeay!! blue hse rocks!! and heard it was thanks to estee[?]?? woohoo!! i love estee!!

den we left shuwei.. to go back and help.. and i saw big shuwei running.. hahahhaha.. she was running with jiadi and candice and some other person..

den wecontinued helping.. poor estee had to go and do long jump after running.. but she can jump really far.. she justs keep doing it under board.. yupps.. but anw.. shes really good.. yupps.... yanfen[?] can jump REALLLY far tooo!!! sad tt shes in yellow.. well.. will alwais invite her to join blue.. whahahahhahahaha..

de everything ended.. and as helpers we had to carry everything back.. stupid koni.. duno wad she doing take the umbrella duno how to close it first.. stupid toot.. hahahahhaha.. after putting back the stuff went to take attendence..

yupps.. after tt we cld go.. and i found this dear letter from me dearest twin.. hahahahha.. walked out.. and guess hu i saw.. siyings daddy..hes kinda crazy too.. hahhaa

mum came..

went home and did stupid shit work.. rah.. wana blab bout somemore things.. but better not.. hahahha.. anw..

todae got cheer prac.. dun suppose everyone frm me class will go.. hopless la dis class..


Tuesday, March 09, 2004

had chi test yesterdae and it was kinda difficult.. i mean the cloze passage and the compre.. or else it was rather ok.. but smart me got me stupid yi lian zao ju mix up with another one.. its usually i duno how to do kinda thing.. but this time is i noe how to do.. but do wrongly..

and thanks to the moron we juz passed.. like wadever... she still dare to tok to me.. i put in sooo much time and effort.. though it still looked like shit..but it least i did sth.. ok.. i did most of the things!! she juz noe how ta order ppl ard.. duno how to do things... ask her go and fo sth.. dun wana listen.. see now wad happened la..

and the stupid bus broke down so like i have to go and wake me mum up.. argh!!! stupid idiot!!

and todae thanks to someone la.. i hafta stay back fer the heats thing.. rah.. help duno how many times liao...

but im a niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee person... hahaha


Friday, March 05, 2004

happy birthdae suyee !!

was HINTING all the way yesterdae.. hahaha.. was "eh tell u a secret" "my bdae is on 28 march" hahahha.. everyone gave me this stupid face to look at.. hahahhaha.. but some were.. alrite!! and they smiled!! =D

hint hint hint hint hint hint hint hint hint hint hint hint hint hint hint hint hint hint !!! ok.. few more hints look at the bottom of each entry since yest.. hahahaha.. alrite.. if u dun get it.. u got no brains!! and im telling u agn.. my bdae is on 28 march.. hahahhahhaa..

yest.. gwee was super nice.. she was rather friendly.. see..... she shld have been liddat frm the start.. now we noe tt she has a nice side.. hahahhaha.. yupps.. im damn scared of the stupid sewing machine.. not act scared of it.. juz tt... cos wen i step on the damn thing it goes really fast.. no matter how lightly i step on it..

and my side of the class is super chao guai?? yest.. ms gwee dismissed us on time.. and none of us left.. we all sat there to finish our sewing firz.. hahaha.. after sch too!! cos we have leesons with her to replace assembly.. yupps... so she left us there..

and there was sooooo much lighting and thunder.. dis really louddddd one.. erm.. think it was the firz... scared to like shit.. it gve me a heart attack.. i was sewing at tt time somemore.. and i screamed!! =D hahaha.. real loudly.. whahahhahahha..

yupps... then got try-outs.. so went over.. den it started raining like shit and yeos was goping it wld rain longer.. hhahahhahahha.. went fer cca at about 3.30?? me bernice and ying chen went together cos we had TRYOUTS!! XP

yupps.. yest got no backups. wonder todae got anot.. hahaha.. if dun have den i go help during try outs.. or i go support.. hahahahha.. GO BLUE HSE!! and green.. ok.. hahahhaha.. cos staying till 8.. lalalala..

23 more daes to go..


Thursday, March 04, 2004

yesterdae was really crazy.. duno why oso.. but den feel really sian.....

parents fetch me home.. so i waited and waited and wiated fer them to cum den finally dey came.. yes.. went home and took this really long break..

went to do my homework. guai right? haha.. den msg msg msg..

blah blah blah..

but sth quite good happened yest.... hahhahhaa.. mrs sng wasnt here..whahahhahhaa.. den we were.. we were.. act yest she dun have lessons with us.. wa lao... i think todae she not cuming sch oso.. hahhahaha..

during assembly..char kept saying tt ppl were staring at her.. hahahha. den she sae it was really scary


so shitified.. lazy to continue.. got nth else to sae anw..

24 more daes to go..


Wednesday, March 03, 2004

happy birthday cheryl !!

bloody hell.. yesterday was fine until tt stupid paper..!!

after tt.. went fer backups.. yupps.. den me mum called.. so had to go.. walked to the canteen. and saw char and kelly running ard the canteen.. per and siggy were talking at one of the tables.. yupps..

den mum brought me to ajc.. for duno wad oso.. i think is she want to ask them sth.. den.. she tok to the teacher.. tok until my leg very suan.. wana die liddat.. den got 3 morons come in.. duno wads their prob.. so i went to get a chair.. den i selpt.. hahha.. den dey keep laughing.. duno wads wrong with themm.. i wana slp oso cannot do it peacefully..

came back.. and studied!!

den went up.. den kor started his bed time story and i fell aslp..


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