Friday, April 30, 2004

im lookin fer someone tt can help me buy the thing... grrr... cant find anyone.. todae freakin scared.. i really really think im gona fail napfa.. i cant run.. summore having flu.. shit.. im damn scared.. i want at least a c.. but now even me tummy is starting to hurt.. and to dae got tt bloody tuition tt i dun like..

but we having chicken wings todae.. yipppppeeeeee!! only thoses frm blue hse la.. =)


made the disgusting soup which tasted horrible.. dun hafta tok about the smoothie.. yucks..

den mr foo and ms low din come so we had 3 free periods.. whahahahaha..

den we assembly.. i suppose usually we all feel like slpin during assembly.. cos its really boring.. but i noe someone was widwe awake assembly.. anw.. there was a presentations by the sec3s which went over to tchs.. gosh their school is freakin big and nice.. yupps.. and i dun believe tt students there are so guai.. and there were djs frm 88.3 tt came over to our school.. yupps..

was tellin cheryl sth during assembly.. and sng so happen to see.. so.. suay la.. thrown at the back of the hall.. but i found ppl tt i cld tok to there.. but im quite sure she will tell me tt tt is me third offence in less than a week? hahahha.. wadever.. think i suck as a monitor.. whahahahhaa


Thursday, April 29, 2004

hi song jinghui and bernice.. hahahaha.. oh.. irving ask u choose the other person.. whahahaha

anw.. everyones happy now... everything is cleared.. yupps.. =)



was the happiest day of me life??

during morning assembly.. was kinda late.. ok.. i reached on time.. but cldnt get back to me own place on time.. so stand with mersa.. and sng walked to stand somewhere beside me.. and she already had tt face of hers.. tt showed tt she was gona murder me todae or sth..

went fer morning jog.. and sng had to shout for me when i was running.. asked where cheryl was.. just sae din noe and ran off..

after morning jog.. suppose ta go back to class.. but cos i fergot tt i was holding the freakin keys.. i stand with na to watch the sec4s do their 2.4.. and sng was screamin at all of us to get back to class..

went back to class.. and got screamed at.. and den jh told me about the mole on the peach.. hahaha.. den cldnt help it.. so i laughed.. and sng came and ask me wads my problem.. like??? den she started to scold me agn.. blah blah blah.. and i only bend forward to stare at me history textbook and she told me dun shrug its very disrespectful..

stupid person la.. wad did i do?? sorry la.. wanted to argue back but wads the point.. anw.. i cldnt let her stand there any longer or i was gona burst out laughin.. hahaha.. mersa thought i was crying.. den i turned ard and i was laughin.. whahahahhaha.. den both she and jh gimme tt face..

during chi lit.. aiya.. i din wana off the com.. den why cldnt tt stupid idiot juz leave me alone?? i was damn pissed off ready la.. fine.. its always lidat.. den still tell me to yi shen zhou ze[?] i duno la.. chi sucks..

den came home and got told off by mum.. cos during tuition i was sitting in a position i always do.. but.. too bad.. she doesnt like it.. like wadever..

irving told me sth after tt.. yupps.. thanks!! or i waldnt have known anything.. yupps... he said tt she wanted to tell me.. ya.. so sent his msg to her.. and she said sorry.. theres a no need to sae sorry.. im the one tts suppose to sae sorry.. yupps..

felt kinda screwed fer the whole of last night.. so hope its the starting of another dae??? like wad kerry said??? he told me before to just go to slp.. nxt morning will be another new dae.. yupps..


Wednesday, April 28, 2004

happy burfdae jose!!!

stupid shit!!! grrr... im not bloggin anymore.. i was just about to finsh when duno wad happen and the whole screen change.. and there was nothin to press to come back to the stupid blogger..

i hate me com!!!! stupid lousy piece of shit.. grrrr...


stupid shit!!! grrr... im not bloggin anymore.. i was just about to finsh when duno wad happen and the whole screen change.. and there was nothin to press to come back to the stupid blogger..

i hate me com!!!! stupid lousy piece of shit.. grrrr...


Sunday, April 25, 2004

in charmaines hse now.. yupps.. cos got me sis frends bdae party.. so came herer to study.. but.. enede up coming up to chars hse to use the com.. woops..

frekin bored now.. yupps.. got nth to do.. better go and concentrate on studying la..


Saturday, April 24, 2004

hmmphs.. fergot wad i wanted to blog about.. shits la..

just damn freakin bored..

and why is it tt whenever i go online.. there is hardly anyone else online?? shits la..

suppose im gona be damn stressed next week.. so me mood is gona be really horrible.. -sobs- got so much homework.. and i dont suppose i noe hw to do most of it.. and there are 2 tests.. and the stupid oral presentation fer ipw.. gosh.. im dying..


Friday, April 23, 2004

three cheers and three cheers and three cheers fer ... badminton gurls??? hip hip hoorayy hip hip hoooray hip hip hoorayyy!!! -screams-

today had no leesons cos we went ta support the badminton gurls fer the finals.. yupps.. though they got second.. but they did do a really good job.. yupps.. was a really good match.. yupps.. screamed until like duno wad liddat.. throat damn pain when screaming la.. hahaha.. sng still sae we nvr scream?? deaf man.. seriously deaf.. hahaha..

went up ta look fer shuwei.. but tt dear gurl wasnt in class so.. yupps.. saw qi and qin there tooso you bear in the cheerleading costume.. super cute man.. they bought it fer shuwei.. yupps..

left school ard 745 so we din have assembly.. den we din have mollys lesson.. and maths and no 6 rounds.. yipeeeee.. and we were suppose ta have chi lessons.. but in the end oso dun have.. cos we reach sch later den wad we were suppose to.. hahaha..

when we reach tt place thingy in tao payoh.. we sat dwn and match started.. woohoo.. den we started cheering.. eh.. but they have this funny words thingy.. so retarded.. hahahha.. anw.. cheer and cheer and cheer..

yupps.. had super lotsa fun.. but we did get scolded fer sth.. -looks at the rest of them- hhahahahhahhaa..

got back to sch.. and slept durin ipw..

after sch went fer tuition..


dear shuwei,
i wld like to noe why will yer head get bigger each time you read my blog?? ok.. i can help u make it bigger.. hahahaha.. but yeps.. yer really very sweet and crazy.. hahahaha.. saw the time table on qinns class black board.. whahahhaa.. oh yes.. and the pink box u gave her.. wah....... super lotsa sweets.. hahahhaa.. anw.. the spongebob squarepants postcard cute right?? anw.. gtg.. tk care.. love yer lots!! -huggs-


cooked pork chop.. woohoo.. finally cooked sth tt i like eating.. but the pork chop ah.. aiyo.. the bone dwn there.. a small part.. was not very cooked.. sigh.. wadever.. still ate the whole thing anw.. yupps.. if i die.. i want everyone i noe to come fer me funeral ok??

haha.. den after school went to st theresa home.. yupps.. as usual.. boring la.. but we were made to clean the duno wad room la.. so dusty la.. yucks.. everything black color one.. den there was thid tray of some food items inside small bottles.. yucks.. there was mould all over it.. yucks yucks yucks.. den got the soy sauce.. ewwwwww.... got this big piece of mould thingy on the soy sauce itself.. *pukes

after cleaning the place.. this stupid boring person made us sing songs???? like eh.. still in nusery[?] la.. stupid man..


Thursday, April 22, 2004

whahahha.. just rmb on wed.. after music lesson when everybody was going out of the room.. so we were stacking the chairs la.. i almost shouted " blue hse ppl.. rmb ta go fer cheer prac.. attendence is compulsory" den i rmb no more liao.. if i really shouted it out. no more face sia.. hahahha..

shuwei : hahaha.. you are more den wonderful.. u are the most wonderfullest bestest sweetest nicest etc.. captain ever.. hahaha.. dun suppose such words exists.. hahaha.. anw.. sorry had to make u shout.. summore din hear u.. yes.. thank you thank you.. whahahaha.. oh and after spotrs dae.. mum ask sth like y nvr join cheer?? she tell me cannot ready den cum and ask me dis kinda thing.. hhahahahha.. means next year got hope liao.. woohoo!! hahaha.. -claps-


Wednesday, April 21, 2004

thanks shuwei !!!!

hahhaa.. super crazy and tired and blah and blah and blah todae.. hahaha..

anw.. had pizza fer recess todae.. yupps.. duno hw cum i oso have but anw.. thanks!! super sweet of those niceeee ppl.. i oso got.. yeay!! woohoo.. thanks shuwei and shu wei and debbie and yupps.. the rest of the peeps!! and super extra biggg thank you to da shuwei!! yeps.. love her super lots.. feel like giving her some bigg trophy fer the best ever captain.. yeps.. ok.. but tts kinda crazy..

oh yes.. and before recess was boring chi lit.. and i selpt.. woohoo..

and during morning jog we din hafta run.. yeay!! thanks to the stupid ne trip..

and during recess oso.. got duno wad ppl walk past our class and dey keep looking in.. so decided ot be nice and sae hello.. so i said loudly.. " hellooo auntie.. hellooo uncle".. wad did they do.. pretend nvr hear and continue walking.. wad kinda shit is tt??? aiya.. ferget it man.. and after recess got some stupid survey thing.. missing so many lessons!! =) and its great.. having so much funn.. cos.. im nt sick!! yeay!! sorry to those tt are.. woops..

anw.. main reason i wanted ta blog was cos i wanted to thank shuwei.. our dear blue hse captain.. yeps.. so.. its at the top.. -points on top- and tt i love her super super lots.. and tt shes the best and sweetest captain anyone hse can ever have!! yupps.. and tt shes oso not allowed to cry or anything.. or poor me will end up crying too.. hate ta see ppl crying.. yupps.. =)

and there is sth shit wrong with me freakin blog.. the color cannot cum out one.. rah..


Tuesday, April 20, 2004

aiya.. still in sch.. super ored man.. got nothing to do so keep walking up and dwn the sch.. duno hw many times walk past the track gurls la.. hahaha.. aiya.. soooo bored.. rahs.. wana go home and slp.. stupid weather so hot.. rah.. freakin hot la..

bored bored bored.. wana link ppl.. but still super lazy.. aiya.. nxt time la.. when i have the mood to..

ok lets see.. todae hardly any lessons.. fer maths.. we came to the library.. den fer science.. we stay in class to tok.. at 1.00 we were let off liao.. but ms leong sae tt we cant go out of sch.. not until 1.30.. yupps..

bored.. there is noone onlne except mersa.. super bored.. man.. thiss sucks..


suppose ta have maths lesson now.. but cos yesterday the stupid food la.. make so many ppl sick.. den have stomache and diaorhea.. hahaha. but i din eat the disgusting food tts why i perfectly fine.. yes.. so happy lor.. i think today no need ta have lessons liao.. cos more den half of the class went home.. hahha..

2 hope even worse la.. 5 ppl left only.. whahaha..

happy man.. no lessons!! yeay.. o tst oso.. no need ta die todae liao.. die oso die on thursday.. whahaha.. at least got more time to prepare fer the test.. but thursday got interact.. so we have our test earlier den the rest of the ppl.. hahaha..

hahahaha.. so many ppl jealous la.. hahaha.. quack.. hu ask them not frm the few classes tt go fer the trip yesterday.. hahahha.. now got no lessons.. den when they go tt time.. i oso dun think this will happen agn la.. so too bad..

so now in the library.. jinghui bernice mersa and the rest of them are at some table there.. making alot of noise la.. hahahha.. talk unil so loud.. hahaha.. but ms rockey is with them so i think its alrite? hahaha..

those tt went home: take care and have lotsa rest.. ok.. making u shld just stay in the loo la.. hahaha.. more fang bian.. dun hafta keep walking up and the dwn.. so just stay inside.. hahaha.. and drink lotsa warm water.. take care.. love yer lots!! -huggs-



went fer malay heritage at kampong glam.. yeps.. was quite fun la.. but most of it was really boring.. cld just fie dwn there.. mums office was so neat.. shld hav e walked to her office.. the aircon there damn nice one.. not like when we were all walking other the freakin hot sun la..

we had to eat rice with our hands and there was this piece of fish and some potato thing.. the potato sucks.. well.. tt is wad i think la.. jinghui ate the whole thing.. erm.. fish was nice.. the curry sucked.. and i had problem using my hands to eat.. so messy la.. hahaha.. anw.. we were playing in the wadever place.. keep laughing and laughing.. still can sing song sumore la.. duno wad ni chi wo chi da jia chi.. chi chi chi chi chi chi chi... aiya.. chinese got problem sia..

we walk and walk and walk den come to some shop thingy.. and mrs sng treated a few of us to jelly.. yeay!! nice man the jelly.. me and cheryl took the purple one.. hahhaa.. super nice..
thanks mrs sng !!

ya.. came bac.. bathe.. den went to study liao.. super guai man.. hahaha.. but still haven finished studying yet.. tts why todae woke up at 4.30 ta study.. was suppose to be at 3.. but i oso noe i will fall aslp wen reading so wads the point.. hahaha.. anw.. waste alot of time liao.. better go back to studyin liao..

wish me luck fer the test.. gona die.. im quite sure i can fail the tesr.. super scared..


Monday, April 19, 2004

haha.. have been reading ppls blog and blue hse ppl are all so happy.. esp the cheer leaders.. think they did super duper well on sports day.. -claps-

anw.. will be going fer the malay heritage[?] thing todae.. so boring can.. rah.. dun wna go.. summore haven study fer history... die sia...

and i hate morons tt keep taking other ppls things.. so irritating.. got nothing better to do one.. take fones oso must take money.. poor shuwei and debbie lost their fones.. hhmph!! if i ever noe hu did it.. tt person is gona be dead!!


Sunday, April 18, 2004


had sports dae.. and blue hse won yeps.. super happy.. and its all thanks to our super sweet caring loving pretty supportive enthu self sacrificing cheerful niceeeeee super chao ji cute dear captain. and of cos the vice caps and the rest of the com.. official backups ppl -grins- .. and blue hse ppl too!!

ok.. anw.. went there at 12.. to do wad?? go and scrub the floor.. haha.. floor damn dirty la.. anw.. scrub until counted as quite clean ready la.. first time scrubing floor.. hahahha.. shuwei was painting some ppl faces..

scrub enuf liao.. den can go fer lunch until 2.30 or 2.45 or sth forgot liao..got our niceeee cutee shirt.. yupps.. den we help to carry the stuff over ta the specs stand.. and den shuwei shuwei debbie si ping and a few other ppl.. go and paint ppls faces la.. hahaha.. got mine painted.. the italian flag.. yupps.. siping hlp me paint one.. thanks!!

then went dwn to distribute the props to the markers first.. den after tt we sat on the grass where official backup suppose to stand lor.. yupps.. markers got the hat.. we are special ppl!! hahahha.. den the blue hse ppl came dwn and we distribute the rest of the props to them.. yupps..

den we cheer cheer cheer.. shout shout shout.. and blah blah blah..

go specs stand liao.. yupps.. den we go and help agn.. nice right? hahaha.. oue cheer leaders are pretty pretty.. yupps.. they did a good job.. got so many ppl sae tt our hse cheer leading die ready.. hahahaha!! see.. they did it!!

to many things to tok in between.. skip everything.. including the part where jh and me walk to the staircase. stand there and rot.. -looks at jh- hahaha!!

anw.. 5.55 changed shoes wif tab.. mine found the best dae to get spoilt.. anw.. me mersa and roubin went dwn to the specs stand.. yupps.. 6.05[?] ard there.. went dwn to the other side there.. dun wad its called.. anw.. went there ta take attendence fer the international fancy dress 8x50 race la..

aiyo.. in the end only me and roubin ran.. i mean together with 2 other sec gals and 4 pri gals.. yupps.. sth like relay liddat.. but they abit passing the trophy la.. its a fake one.. but.. aiya.. so big.. and we were wearing tt funny thing.. hw to run??? still ran anw.. hahaha.. very scared at first la.. but still very funn.. got anymore of dis kinda funny thing nxt yr.. i wana join agn.. aiya.. but i abit run until so slow only la..
thanks vienna and peggy fer ya..

yupps.. den we had ta go dwn ta help hold the banner.. so heavy.. anw.. we screamed and screamed.. yeay!!! cos we won we won we won!!! ran with the freakin heavy banner.. but hu cares.. lil while on.. so happy summore.. -grins-

anw.. the rest of the houses did really well too.. yupps.. all the points very close.. so esp to the green hse peeps.. cheerups!! =)

oh and da shuwei younger sis super cute sia.. hahahhaa.. lalala.. oh and i like the com shirt toos.. nice man.. but our backups shirt damn cute.. -smiles-

i love blue hse!!!

i love shuwei [big] !!!!

i love shuwei [small] !!!!


Friday, April 16, 2004

my hand okie liao!! gona run 11 rounds todae.. whahahhaa.. i mean in total.. not all in one short.. anw.. freakin happy cos like was msging someone last night.. hahahha.. so crazy lor tt person..

gtg ta sch now.. yupps!! =)


was super boring.. as usual la.. haha.. but during eng lesson.. jinghui had to go and make her speech thingy.. so ya.. she din prepare fer it.. and cld tell tt she was freakin nervous.. whahaha.. ok.. shant be mean..

anw.. den we had home econs just before recess.. and jaime yong is the smartest person alive.. cant believe wad i did man.. i use the cloth and take out the trsy from the oven.. put it on the table.. put away the cloth.. and using my hands.. i go and touch the freakin tray la.. wadever man.. not smart only la.. whahahha.. but it hurt so much.. tt cldnt take it la.. so i cried.. ok.. noone read tt part..

den ms gwee called me a silly goose?? hahahhaa.. when she said tt i felt like laughing.. anw.. cheryl jinghui and ms gwee was helping me to put the plaster and the cream thing.. yupp!!


Wednesday, April 14, 2004

had lessons as per normal which equals to really boring.. but den my row has bad feng shui.. really bad.. cos the three of us are going crazy already and we cant stand it anymore.. and me mood keeps swinging..

and when i thought i fergot that person liao.. that person pops into me head.. and we were having math lessons at that time.. wah.. i cldnt do the math question.. got it wrong..before tt person popped into me head i cld do everything correctly.. like.. wad the..

after school came home.. act.. me and pauline kinda rushed.. cos i thought i was goin ta have tuition at 3.. after i came home.. realised it was at 4.30. rush fer nothing.. aiyo.. damn sian now.. and the stupid msn nt working agn la..



im super super chao ji happy.. woohoo!! there is a mcs reunion on janes blog.. and they rmb me!! super touched man.. din expect them ta still rmb me esp wen i left the sch so long ago.. suppose they are all in the same sch now.. ya.. and thats super great.. hahaha.. and they act rmb me surname.. whahaha.. anw.. i really miss them.. and angelina[?] still rms tt she came to me hse in p2.. whahaha.. super good memory.. all i noe is that used ta have birthdae parties every year.. and we did really lame stuff nw tt i think of it.. BUT.. its alr happy happy memories.. yeps.. gosh.. still cant believe that they rmb me.. have been smiling to the com can.. lalalalala..

gona look fer fotos tt were taken a long long time ago.. and look at it.. no.. stare at it. and smile.. whahahha.. okie.. im going nuts.. hahha..


had sports dae rehearsals yesterday.. den very hot sia.. and that stupid book shop auntie dun wana let me buy size 38 tee.. crazy ah.. its my tee so she guan so much fer wad.. she get the money can liao wad..


went ta bernice hse.. we ended up talkin nonsense.. haha.. was kinda fun.. but on mondae got chi test.. den i damn worried la.. and daryl bought me a pressie!! and its a polar bear.. niceee and cutee polar bear..
thanks daryl !!


Thursday, April 08, 2004

happy birthday jasmine!

suppose wad jinghui said on her blog is kinda true.. everyone doesnt seem to be happy at the same time.. and me leh? mood swing like xiao.. aiya.. duno wads wrong man..

yest got chi lit.. teacher make me stand to answer question.. but i din noe hw to la.. obvious right.. chi lit leh.. so had to stand till i knew the answer.. so any how keep guessing lor.. yupps. in the end still got it right..

den after school got eng lit.. it was kinda boring anw..

today going to st theresa home with interact..


Wednesday, April 07, 2004

oh man.. im gona have english and sci tuition lor.. -whines- ya.. and since i still haven blogged bout epoire[?] den i wont.. cos its gona be very long.. and dun have anymore time.. yupps.. anw.. im super lazy la..

anw.. we had dance enrichment agn todae.. and this jinghui and belkoh go and change bernice and clarabelle pinafores.. hahaha.. so notty lor.. hahaha.. but it was damn damn damn super funny.. whahahhaa!!

den.. at first jinghui told me sth in the moring which somone had told her.. den we kept thinking bout it la.. anw.. after i went ta talk to that person i think everything is cleared.. well at least i hope so.. and hopefully that person does not lie to us.. cos we hate liars.. esp me and jinghui..

i managed ta get someone ta be the inside man.. whahaha.. -winks at jiinghui- at least frm now on she'll be helping us liao.. and i hope she doesnt tell bro anything sia.. or esle or the niceeee surprises gone liao.. cos her bro is damn ppots la..

and the cristal lee oso.. keep daoing me.. whahahaha.. hor cristal?? hahahaha..

hahaha.. cousin came over yest.. decided to chen ji hui to use the fone get things cleared with someone.. hahaha.. but end up tt person keep saying i stupid la.. like shui bian man.. such a bloody poots!! always wana do homework one.. so ACT GUAI.. whahahhahaa!!

my mum tok to me bout behaivour in the theatre last night.. huh??? like how she noe anything? not surprised if dad told her.. but did i tell him tt much? aiyo.. duno oso sia.. blurr liao.. but its over liao.. whahahha.. so.. nothing can be done..

and i really hope tnoone come and re wo anymore.. yupps.. certain ppl have been a real pest to certain ppl.. stop being so wad can anot? and some ppl just have such big mouths.. too big to noe when to shut it.. yupps..

going ta school and run 3 rounds first.. well.. i mean if i can take it without puking la.. den fer morning jogs doing either 4 or 5 rounds.yupps!! gona die!! =)


Monday, April 05, 2004

shit.. got things to blog la.. erm.. on sat the espoire[?].. yupps.. but fer now.. the only thing i noe is tt im freakin dead.. my speech!! i lost the freakin paper.. dun blog first.. find it first..

ok found it.. woohoo!! ok.. main point only..

we went to vjc on sat.. and we had lotsa lotsa lotsa fun.. just hope tt we wont get scolded tts all.. yupps.. summary.. yup yup..

no more time liao..


Thursday, April 01, 2004

yesterday was damn tired.. den cos got 4 monekys at my hse liao.. den whenmy mum sent me home tt time den ya la.. the 4 monkeys stop playing.. anw.. they came over to do some projec on thailand.. yupps.. tts why me mum wanted to fetch me.. yupps.. or else i early early reach home liaos.. den can use the telephone..

so anw.. i stayed dwn stairs fer a lil while.. den ate and went ta bathe.. and came dwn agn.. whahahhaa.. and ate one of the mrs fields cookies na bought fer me! super niceee.. yummmmmm...

so i went ta slp.. cos like i said was damn tired.. den i hugging the spongebob la.. den i ready gona fall aslp.. den i thought about a msg coming in.. whahahha.. really got msg recieved sia... it was jinghui!! asking fer someones fone number.. anw.. gave it to her...

yesterdae use more den one buck of me fone.. cos.. like called me mum[30] den i cant hear when she answer tt time so it was wasted.. den i msg her [10] den she called [30] den i went outside to wait den she called agn to to me she'll be late [30] woohoo.. den msg peter and jinghui.. yupps..

anw.. den i went back to slp las.. wah.. slp damn shiok[?] sia.. i love slpin!! it rocks!! ok.. den slp half way.. think jinghui msged agn.. yupps.. asking sth.. den i look at the msg.. duno if got reply not la.. den i was gona go back to slp when peter msged la.. so i decided.. dun slp liao.. anw.. these two ppl already woke me up.. and it was kinda late liao.. i went dwn and watch tv.. whahahah.. den walk in and out of the study.. the study was damn stinky can.. they played the bubble thingy..

watch tv.. eat dinner.. went over to neighbours hse to ask her to help me with the bio thing la.. den came back.. and slack.. act.. i din.. i completed the 2 exercises we had fer bio.. deb i went to use fone.. fan zhen[?] i ready finish me hw mah.. so called siying.. got so many interuptions.. after toking to siying.. called peter... cos tt person.... owes me sth.. den last night arguing lor... he sae he angry... i sae i angry.. wth.. nvm.. duno if he really angry not.. whahahha.. den tok half way.. mum make me put dwn the fone.. and go and play piano.. so after piano.. den called him agn.. sth i want is at stake.. whahahha.. was disturbing himm.. but if he wasnt gona agree.. den i wldnt let him put the fone dwn.. whahahha so arguing half way.. mum make me put fone dwn agn.. den must go and study.. so cldnt call siying back.. hope shes fine..

den study study study.. until like 10.45 plus plus.. yupps.. super guai.. cos i studied fer more den an hour.. woohoo!! anw.. must start my maths and chi lor.. was studying bio last night.. dificult to register into me brain.. studied den went to slp.. i was really super tired.. and still am.. so decided ta bring a small pillow ta sch.. so tt i can slp.. yupps.. noone will be allowed ta disturb me.. yupps..

and wads me dad doing up so early.. to play golf i suppose.. yupps.. anw.. me got nth else to sae.. yupps.. except tt i may be dead when i come home todae..


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