Monday, January 31, 2005

oh my gosh. im so happy that kell and wei acceted christ ! woohoo !! ladidums. think everyone shld. (:


Saturday, January 22, 2005

realised wad great friends i really have. (: hahaha. those tt can really make me happy. ladidums. feel damn lucky.


today flet like crap. was crap. yup yup. went crazy. (: jeryle yong said he read my blog !! so if yer reading it agn !!!!! kindly sign my guestbook. (:


had our secone orientation. (: super fun. played water games. (: yup yup. had fun soaking my dear juniors. (:

went back to change fer cris farewell party. man. her hse is still like damn nice la. hahaha. yeps. shes leaving.... gona miss her soo much. haha. had fun in her hse. yupps. we played pool... nt exactly pool la. haha. duno wad nonsense were we playing. (: haahaha. went back like super late la. yup yup. hahaha. (: and think cris mum is like damn good at singing. haha.


Saturday, January 15, 2005

damn angry can !!! walao. wads wrong with u ? i really cant stand it anymore. wads wrong with u ? tried to be guai. doesnt work does it ? so wadever. dont exactly care anymore. wadever. my life is yours right ? k fine. have it.


Friday, January 14, 2005

i wana go this sat !!!!!!!!! argh !


damn pissed !


Thursday, January 06, 2005

schools been ok la. just tt some ppl try and be funny only la. tmr better watch out. yupps.

sian la. got chi and eng homework. but dont wana do sia. pnut my teacher. lidat i die liao la. rahs.

k anw. like i totally forgot when but think it was yest la. kingsly and pear came over. they were in the lounge studying. and i was the distraction. but after tt i went to tk my homewrok to go and do la. guai right ? of cos ! like DUH ! naturally la. whahahahaha ! k la. wadever la.

feel damn stressed blogging nw. like got the feeling tt someones watching kinda thing. freaky. yupps. like my mum watching wad i type lidat. :/ then cannot blog porperly. hahahahaha. think im going crazy thanks to all the shit homework la. :/

shall blog some other time. when it s nt so stressful.. yupp.


Monday, January 03, 2005

k la. only got like 4 mins left. shit. k. argh. frogot wad i was gona blog agn la. crapppp.

yupps. school was like wayyyyy boring today. but it was ok la. yup yup. (: tmr is gona wayyyyy boring agn la. rahs.

pauline chee was sooo bored tt she went crazy int he hall today la. duno wad she tryin to do. HAHAHA !


Saturday, January 01, 2005

feel like im going crazy nw. ahahahahaa. duno why oso.

last night had quite alot of fun la. my gosh.. saw ppl tt i haven seen fer so long. and they are so freakin tall lor. -pouts- anw.. they are so damn funny la. and my gosh the guys are damn evil la. my bro said tt the stupid chicken stuck its head behind the car there.. then the driver started the car and then u can imagine wad happen la. then he said tt the stupid driver drove off with the stupid chicken still at the back. walao. the guys were laughing and laughing like tt was the best thing tt cld ever happen la. gosh. oh they were telling lots of koes man. laugh until stomach pain. hahahahaha.

took so many pics. nt alot la. but still.. (: yupps. maybe going out with them just before they go back aus agn. so its like nxt week sat we going out. hahahaha. cant wait la. yupps.

the food was quite good la. yupp. haha. ate quite alot. yup yup. haha !! in short yest was quite fun la. hahaha. yep. then they were like counting dwn at the wrong time la.. but wadever. ahahahaha.




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