Monday, March 28, 2005

gosh. i haven blogged like in a million years. anw.. like had super lot of fun on sat.. mersa cheryl pauline jinghui qin came over fer bbq and mahjong session. like super fun man. played mahjong until 11.30 ? hahahaha. and they had this stupid surprise fer me. ahhahaha. and i was dumb enuf to fall fer it.

anw. today was like haha. damn funny. k nvm. everyone so rocks my world. i love everyone !!!! thanks fer all the msgs and wonderful lovely presents ! damn touched la. some ppl act rmb my birthday can. goodness.. hahaha.. really happy la. even though i had like piano lesson and tuition.. i dont think it was tt bad la. (: yupps. had a super great time. :D


Friday, March 18, 2005

k. haven touched my blog fer super long and some certain ppl are complaining ?

anw.... yesteradays ic day was like quite fun ? (: haha. proud of ourselves. yupps. aj ic day oso quite fun la. hahahaha. wheeeeee.. just tt i din manage to go tanning during the holidays.

damn. dont exactly have enuf time to blog properly. so yupps. WEI i alr blogged... ok ? too bad its nt done properly. (:


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