Wednesday, August 31, 2005

yesterday was siyings birthday ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR ! anw.. bet she loves us even more now. we held a surprise birthday bbq fer her.. wasnt exactly a surprise cos some how things kinda screwed up. cheryl chloe wei germs rat chicken rooster jean manda teresa came over fer the bbq ! haha. had so much fun.

oh. siying got sprayed with whipped cream. haha. woops. then we wanted to push her in the pool too. but too bad. unsuccessful. so me and chloe jumped in. then rat got pushed in then chicken came strolling in then wei came in. HAHA. we were teaching chicken how to swim. and chicken looked like a chicken. (: they left bout 11plus? joke.

anw.. just hope that siying had loads of fun. :D LOVEYA DEAR !

today is teachers day celebration. suggestion: dont have celebration. just give them a day off. all in favour raise yer hands.

woohoo. will be going out today. yeay. better find a nice black red shirt fer sat. and think sats gona screw up some how. i'll murder all those who cant come. :(


Monday, August 29, 2005

cant believe it. have been getting pissed off by so many annoying brainless people. argh. forget it. who gives a shit man. i have pauline and xinjin beside me.. constantly driving me mad.. HAHA. duno how much i laughed today man. almost died of laughter.

seriously cant wait fer sat.. which is a few days away. yeay. so exciting. and im gona play tennis soon. woohoo. cant wait.

pauline: haha ! will upload all the photos asap k ? must get them from my dad first. ((:


Tuesday, August 16, 2005

cant wait fer JACK JACK DAY. (: really sure its gona be damn fun. havent been doing exactly very well fer my studies. but hope some of my subjects are able to pull the rest of the shit up. kinda screwed up my maths papers. :/ argh. but heck it la. its over. ss is totally dead. argh

heck that shit la. have been mood swinging these few days. lucky.... i have mad crazy people sitting ard me... haha. all of us are so totally going crazy together. thats the thing i really love bout THREE JUSTICE. esp the five other ppl stting behind. oh wells. cant wait fer 030905. yeps. ladidums. ((:

will be going church with my mum this sunday ! YEAY ! :D


Monday, August 01, 2005

uploaded some photos from this year. think got a few from last year. woops.
anw.. im not exactly done uploading all the photos yet. YEPS !


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