Saturday, September 10, 2005

havent been like blogging fer a while. woops. anw.. JACK JCAK DAY was like damn fun. HA ! those who didnt come really missed out on alot. we formed a 3J tennis team ! we played tennis fer damn long. and me and laura really ROCK at it. HAHAHA. yeay. haha. and there was so much yummy food. had so much problem finishing it. I LOVE THREE JUSTICE. (:

had job shadowing fer a week and i have been like super tired. wake at 6? and slp at 12 sth ? right. its as good as going to sch. but it was kinda fun. even though i had to do HOUSEKEEPING. damn tiring and boring. but some how it was still fun. some people there really rock. really love them cos they are so nice ta me and laura. lauras the operations baby and im the housekeeping baby. haha. the aunties there have been so really nice to us. really gona miss the place and the people there.

and we kinda slacked alot. and i cant say certain stuff here just in case i ever leak out any inside secrets. HAHA. had much fun there and we got 50 ? kinda pathetic. but its still $$$. haha.

gona die after this. havent studied at all. and exams are in 20 days. crap. and still have so much work to complete la. eh thanks la. im gona die. haha. and im so happy that reens ok alr. yupps. gona grab some food. cos im like hungry agn. fat shit. ((:


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