Saturday, October 29, 2005

lets reblog ! yeay ! feel more awake today so shall reblog my entry.

back from obs ! had much fun there ! but it was really tiring. really wanted to leave that place cos it was disgusting and stupid and full of insects esp mozzies and sandflies. but when we were suppose to leave i didnt wana leave. its kinda sad.

left the house really early. woops. think i was kinda late. forgot percy. met chloe outside to catch a cab. she had waited for over an hour over at her place. got a cab and went over to siyings place were 13 of us squashed into her dads van. reached there in 15mins ? and the moment we reached we screamed. lucky noone was there. we were one of the earliest. (:

sn got split into two groups. MARSHALL and MUNSHI. mg girls were in SUI SEN[?]. then there was KURT and BOSENG which consisted of poly ppl. 13 of us were in MARSHALL. there was RUI CHEW WEI SIYING CHERYL WEILOO GILLAIN VIC PAULINE KARINA SARAH DEB and ME ! our instructor: CHU AI ! shes really cute and enthu and stuff. all of us were really happy to get her. haha. our mascot: our SPIDER. theme song: insy weensy spider. [?] favourite word: **** :D

learnt how to kayak ! capsizing was fun. kayaked with SIYING ! buddy partner was CHERYL and WEI ! had to do some t resue thing. YES ! slept in our bunks. haha. kinda gross cos i wasnt used to the bed. and there were so many flies. it was really cold. haha. kinda funny.bunked with SIYING ! slept on TOP ! shared room with WEI CHERYL RUI and CHEW !

didnt feel like waking up. our dorm woke up ard four ! cos weis watch went an hour earlier. so went back to sleep. woke up late for PT ! so did everyone.

did ROCK CLIMBING ! our goal was to reach the top. some people wanted to give up half way. but all of us were cheering for them. all of us managed to reach the top ! climbed with RUI ! shes damn funny. cursing at the handholds cos they were small and slippery. HAHA !

left base camp after cat1. which lasted so damn long. so as sn ppl. we decided to sing ! haha. fell aslp while waiting. plans changed due to shortage of time. went to camp2 instead. mozzies were flying everywhere. yucks. some pitched the tents while the rest of us cooked. food was good ! esp our maggi !

toilets had no darn lights. so as a group we helped each other. spent the whole time holding torch lights for each other. was really scared while bathing cos it was really so dark and quiet. and there was noone with us. sat ard after bathing. PAULINE LOO and VIC started talking nonsense. they were scaring everyone. so me and RUI went to check with the poly guys bout the damn toilet they were using.

the toilet supposedly had some rubbish in there playing some chinese opera for a whole 15 mins.. and all of us got really scared. one of the guys said there was nothing inside except for a locked cubicle. and tat started to freak me and RUI out. but one of the other guys said that he saw a samll radio. true anot. we dont care. that was all we wanted to hear. (:

went to sleep. shared a tent with CHERYL RUI CHEW WEI and SIYING. poured like mad. tent got wet. had lots of problem sleeping. woke up every hour. cos of the wet tent and the stupid mozzies !

left camp2 after lunch to continue our sea ex ! kayaked with KARINA this time round. she and sarah kept straying. kayaked for a really long time. into the swamp and it was plain gorss. many ppl kept getting caught between the branches. and a human jam formed. was really funny. we were so happy when we finally reached the sea agn.

campsite was some quarry place thingy. had hell lot of sandy flies ! ash holes ! kept biting me ! agn. we cooked. in the dark. lesser ppl pitching tent this time round. cos some ppl didnt want to. dont know what happened to the food we left for the tent ppl but they said it was really gross and they had hardly anything to eat. sorry guys ! but i swear. we really kept lots of food for you.

did night shift with SIYING CHLOE WEI ED ELLEN and ALECIA. sat with CHLOE while the rest cleared some rubbish. was having a bad tummyache. me and CHLOE sat there watching out for wild boars dogs and chloe's polar bears.

attempted to sleep. CLDNT ! sandflies agn ! this time it was really bad. did tent hopping. finally i gave up. went out to do more duty.

durin third shift or was it second ? anw.. we saw a dog ! all of us got really scared. haha. was really funny.

woke up with a distorted look ! swollen ankle swollen hands and a swollen eye ! JUDITH had a swollen eye too ! mgs CHERYL and sn CHERYL had swollen hands. built a raft. didnt help much. i cldnt. ): jumped into the quarry. it felt so good. nice clean cold water. played ard in to water for some time and did instructor abuse ! HAHA.

CHU AI was sitting on the raft while all of us were in the water. she paddled and sang and sang and sang. so we tried to get her in the water with out instructor abuse. was really fun. and shes really cute !

sat in the sea stone skipping while the others had their lunch. finally we set off from that disgusting place. we were going back to base camp ! there was another storm. this time it really sucked. with swollen hands i had to kayak. kayaked with karina agn.

it was much faster this time. haha. but much harder. water currents were really strong. there was lightning and boats passing ! wanted to cry. all of didnt want to die. was really tiring. and i felt like just drowning. haha. all of us kept going off boudary because of the strong water currents. and many of us kept crashing into each other. woops. most of it was my fault. was falling aslp. HAHAH !

was reaching ! and there were ppl at the jetty laughing. esp when four of our kayaks crashed. and we started screaming like mad. thanks alot ! WEI could hear me all the way up front when i was with JUDITH all the way at the back. im LOUD ! (:

muscles formed !! woohoo. im strong and macho !! felt really good after bathing. never felt so good before in my whole entire life ! our whole group was so high after bathing. we were all so happy !!!

oh oh ! and the poly guys thinks WEIS pretty !! haha ! they kept looking and instead of lending us torches.. they wanted to be her friend ! hilarious ! had to do some tunnel thing at night. the instructors made it sound so scary.

CHERYL and RUI were really scared. CHERYL was crying. gosh... scary.. we went in WEI first. followed by RUI CHEW ME CHERYL and SIYING. another human jam inside. WEI cldnt breathe. everyone started screaming. had to move back. WEI left. TERESA freaked out cos of the screaming i think. poor girl was so scared. she was crying and the instructors had to take her out.

we came out and went back in. this time SIYING first. then CHERYL CHEW RUI ME and WEI. WEI really cldnt take it so she went back out. we continued. and lost our way. woops. sucked la. lost my beautiful hairband somewhere inside. poured when we left. got really wet. everyone was in a damn bad mood. clean dry clothes became wet and smelly. even had to do cleaning duty. yucks.

poly ppl kept staring. PIGS ! left with the mg ppl. there was lightning. haha. all of us went to sleep. our room kinda pigged out some more. the others in the other room fell aslp. me and RUI were going crazy. BANANA BOAT CHICKEN BURGER BEEFBALL PIZZA WATER MELON ICE LEMON TEA YOU ! HAHA ! thats the rui jaime language. RUI fell aslp after having her strawberry jam snadwich and i just fell aslp in wet clothes.

woke up freezing. pt was nonsense cos i din really do it. anyhow. haha. JETTY JUMP after pt. was really cool and really fun. all of us were really happy. ok maybe not. i know i was ! haha ! it was more or less a cleaning up day.had a really late breakfast. packed our stuff.. washed all our equipment. and time to go shopping.

didnt have time for lunch. so many ppl were crying. really felt horrible just looking at them cry. the poly ppl were looking. first they were laughing cos they thought that we were crying cos we were leaving. stupid ! duh no ! after that they realised why they were crying and they looked kinda concerned. awwwwww.. dont know if anyone else noticed. haha! the funny part was... this guy.. he was saying that he was very heart broken ! HAHAHA ! damn funny ! damn hilarious. dont think anyone else heard cos i was walking in front of the whole bunch of them. HAAHAH !

cried too ? for what ? i do not know. AHAHAHAHAH! felt really sad when we were just about to leave cos io really didnt wana leave anymore. really miss everyone there. i said bye to the doggie ! and it looked at me ! awwwwww..

left the boat. got a hug from CHU AI. felt really sad. cos we were never gona see her agn. and the policemen there. walao. damn unfriendly la. walao. paulines mum gave me a lift home. and guess who i saw.. ppl i didnt want to. esp not when i was dead tired and bloody distorted. haha. slept for damn long. didnt feel like waking up.

really happy that i went for obs ! will never forgot it. haha. esp the times we spent getting really wet and disgustingly smelly. im so not used to not seeing the ppl anymore. i wana see everyone !! and the jetty jump. oh man. we only got to do it once. and it was so fun !!!! and im so used to using THAT word i cant not use it anymore. SHIT ! better replace it with sth man. almost used it just now. damn funny. HAHAHAHAHAH !


Saturday, October 22, 2005

duno wads up some certain stupid ash hoes today. walao. damn annoying. fine la ! whatever man. nvr met ppl like you before. one in a million. ha ! who gives a shit anw. you can go and eat shit. ahahaha. cant believe

ahem. YEAY ! today is tennis day ! every sat is tennis day ! and the tennis court is gona open ! yeay ! repaintings almost done. cant wait. then dan and rebekah can come over and play. woohoo. kells going fer her first tennis lesson today. bet she have fun ! like DUH ! my tennis class rocks. HAHA !

and tmr is shopping fer obs stuff day. then monday will be obs day. so will tuesday wednesday thursday and friday. then its tennis day agn. ROCKING !


Friday, October 21, 2005

heard that yesterday was boring. was sick. din go school. (:

today was equally boring. yucks. make us stay till 8.30 some more. very good. at least there was good food. was the first to run there. haha. was damn hungry la. woops.

wont be going school next week. gona miss laura and xinjin and sunshine and the rest of them. but then agn. theres no lessons ! yeay. how am i gona buy everything in time ? oh nooooo.. got no bag. bery good. rocker. no bag how to go fer camp. hen hao. good luck to me.

and i need a bbq. and a party and a gathering. i dont care. HAHA! im bored and tired. and distorted. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. yucks. forget it. everythings screwed. but i got tennis tmr ! woohoo !!


Monday, October 17, 2005

today was bad. real bad. grades werent as expected. but what matters is that i did study. and i studied real hard. so heck this year. play while i till can. next year.. study even harder. (: haha. at least i'll be prepared for tmr. :/

cant believe i act :/ today. yucks. LOSER ! so pathtetic. i promise myself i'll try not to be so pathetic ever again. (: yeay ! haha.

cheryl gave me a big hug today. NICE ! haha. and my classmates were being really nice. (: we got our alot of prizes. yup. gona turn into a fat little pig.

THANKS EUGENE ! haha. what you said actually made sense ! fer once. HAHA ! he was the one that made me realise what a pathetic loser i was. yup yup. really gotta thank him. (: haha.

stinky. better head fer the shower now. havent got a chance to bathe ever since i came back. thanks to my lessons. tsk. whatever. AHAHAHAHAHAHA !


Sunday, October 16, 2005

still cant get over the happy happy stuff. HAHA !

will try ta get sth fer my darling soccer team. WAHAHAHAH ! though im like kinda broke.

swimming session was today but it got cancelled cos of some time problem thing. next week i guess.

suppose there are alot of things going on between ppl now. just glad that i dont have that many problems. feel like baking BROWNIES now ! im bored.

mons tmr and tms snack day. gona split our prize ! yeay ! k. gona attempt to fix my guestbook agn. boring. but i dont care. haha.


Thursday, October 13, 2005



oh man. really cant believe we got overall champion. LIKE -SCREAMS- it was so unexpected. we were just hoping for a second place or a third or sth. but FIRST ! gosh. i dont know how to put it. but ya. everyone in class was like so happy ! though we kinda screwed up fer some of the games.. i think everyone did like a damn good job. (:

and THREE WISDOM FLOORBALL PPL.. thanks fer like waiting fer us instead of just letting it be a walk over. yupps.

all the soccer ppl : thanks fer the really great games ! haha.

oh shit. im like so sorry if i used the word f**k on anyone. was in a total pissing mood. yupps. and my freakin toe made me feel even worse. major SORRY-NESS.

but gosh. im like so happy now. looked like a total idiot walking back. me and laura really cldnt help smiling fer the whole day. so totally proud of our class. hahahahaha.

J-U-S-T-I-C-E ! JUSTICE JUSTICE ! (lauras cheer) (:


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


yesterday was paulines birthday and that silly pok went crazy. all she cld say was OH MY GOSH.

hahahhaha. went town with pauline cheryl jinghui and qin. left and met her churchies at the pit to prepare fer the surprise. her cake was big and she DESTROYED it. cos her hands were shaking when she was like cutting it. HAHA !

they went back kinda late. had pizza fer dinner and some ppl were really annoying. haven seen felicia fer damn long. really miss her like madness. think i went mad yesterday under the influence of pauline and friends. oh wells.

today was boring. with all the talks. damn tired. and im bored with ya. nth to do. as usual. getting kinda sick of towning. having it. cant do anything. sucks.


Friday, October 07, 2005


like finally.. after being a mugger fer a week.. its finally all over. hahahaha. its time to relax ! time to play ! woohoo. can you believe it ? ITS ALL OVER. ITS PLAY TIME.

yeay ! gosh. but today rocked and sucked man. it had to come today.. of all days. during my emaths paper. like i wasnt stressed enough. it came and sorry stone there. best. during ss got cramps. how ? pain until i slp. best. after that still got so much time to write. wrote rubbish though. BUT WHO CARES.

the only thing that matters now is that its over. wads done is done. and that is good. it feels so good. hahahah ! yes. and oh my gosh. i cldnt be happier. -looks at xinjin-

OH ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY XINJIN ! hahaha. its that silly girls birthday today. wrote her a rubbish letter at 530 this morning.

yeay. shall go upload more photos now.


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