Wednesday, November 30, 2005

so i got back from chiangmai yesterday. was super shagged.

did hotel hopping. yep. first hotel kinda sucked. well.. i didnt really like it. ha. we found a snake. (: yup. the way they killed it was realy disgusting. they took a stick and started smashing the head of the snake. it wasnt big or anything. but it was poisonous. so ya.

second hotel rocks. really. if anyone ever goes up to the mountains you should stay there. they've got this snooker room which is kinda pathetic but who cares. oh and i love their pool. it feels like it was our own private pool. HAHA ! then there were people serving our food. life like that rocks.

third hotel was ok. bed was really small. so i went to sleep on the sofa. which was smaller. so jed had the whole bed to himself. ass.

hate sight seeing. kinda boring. but i really really love the super cool air up in the mountains. its like youre blasting the aircon all the time or sth. super nice. but it makes the pool water freezing cold. i jumped in all the same. (:

and i really love shopping. shopping rocks. yes yes. the things there are really really cheap. well some of it. omg. and some thai guys are really cute. HA ! and so are the ang mohs that were on holiday. HAHAHAHAHA !

so now that im back i gotta get started with my work and start studying for our tests next year or sth. I LOST ALL MY DONE TYS !!! argh. spent he whole year doing it and i lost almost everything. great. so i gotta redo everything. and theres so much homework. :/




Tuesday, November 22, 2005

1.Where have you been an hour ago? upstairs in my room.

2.State your name? JAIME YONG !

3.Do you like your name? I LOVE IT !

4.Can you remember what you did on the first day of school? lets see. i think i was a good girl and i sat quietly in my seat and i had a buddy who bought food for me during recess. (:

5.What do you want to be ten years from now? that depends. what am i like ten years from now ?

6.What do you feel upon receiving emails? nothing. are we suppose to feel something ?

7.At what age you first learned to use a pc? 8 ?

8.Have you ever eaten any exotic food? dont know.

9.What was the last illness that you had? PEE INFECTION !

10.Do you like listening to rap music? dont love it dont hate it

11.Have you ever thought of driving the train to University? HUH?!

12.What did you do last 1st November 2004? i cant remember..

13.Which do you prefer? Sunny days or rainy days? it really depends.

14. When was the last time you browsed the bible? a few days ago. oops.

15. What perfume do you have? versace baby rose jeans and flower by kenzo

16.What is the brand of your first wristwatch? adidas ?

17.Look at your back. What do you see? a picture

18.Say something about the person whom you hate? annoying !!

19.Do you sing while you are bathing? er no. dont think so.

20.What did you have for breakfast today? forgot its not sth good though.

21.The last dream that you remember?i dont think i dream.

22.What do you usually say when you meet a person? HELLO !!!!

23.Do you agree that "to forgive is to forget"? nope. forgiving does not mean forgetting.

24.Can you ride a bicycle? ya.

25.Last thing you held before using the computer? phone.

26.Where is the place you always dream of? dont dream.

27.When was the last time your tears fell? HA ! i forgot. and its a good sign.

28.Are you going to leave your parents in time? no.

30.At what age you are ready to get married? erm twenty sth ?

31.Long hair or spikey? long.

32.First person to run to if you are depressed? depends.

33.Whats the last movie you watched? harry potter

34.Who was the last person you smsed? my tuition teacher.

35.What was your worst flood experience? i wet my shoes and socks. :/

36.Were you attracted to a person ten years older than you? no.

37.Are you happy at this point of your life? pmsing. yes and no.

38.What do you want to eat tomorrow? dont know. tmr then talk.

39.What does make you smile? my friends.

40.When is the last time you watched a movie? erm. sat.

41.What will you do after school? go home. ):

42.Who do come to first when you have a good news? depends.

43.What is your favourite word/s? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA !

took this from frakie's blog. as you can see. im really very bored. spent the whole day cleaning up my room. and my part of the study area. decided to take a break. not done with the study yet. woops. oh shit. i havent packed some stuff for tmr !!!


Monday, November 21, 2005

k. think all of them are in thailand now. buh bye !

i'll be leaving too. just dont know when shld i do my damn hair. i need to fix it. haha. yeay. will be leaving on wedensday. will be back on 29 november. just in time to go shopping. ha ! then i can go for siyings party. woohoo.

and i just realised i havent done my homework. woops. im so freaking dead. :/ heck it. now that everyones in thailand. im gona be even more bored. ): nvm. im leaving soon. yeay. i can go tanning. yeay !


Friday, November 18, 2005

DO NOT try and tag the damn tagboard. just go to the guestbook. i have non idea whats wrong with the tagboard. guess i'll just remove it. and it TV TIME ! yeay. im getting hungry agn.


was so darn broed. i drew another pic. this time for myself. HAHAHA. bored ? yes. majorly. after drawing. i was bored agn. LIKE DUH ! and so i went to friendster and i decided to like look at all my testimnoials from the very first one.

AWWWWWWWW. gosh ! ALL of them are so freaking sweet. so touching. HAHAAHA. and I REALLY LOVE MY FRIENDS. i have no idea what am i gona do without them.

i hope that 9 december will be just like old times. just that its more fun or sth. (: CANT WAIT !


Thursday, November 17, 2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
this is the picture i drew for rebekah yesterday

for your information the brown thing on top IS a bird. i know it looks retarded but what cannyou expect from someone that cant draw ? yeah. and in the picture i did state clearly that it was a bird. haha. oh. and nothing is floating on air ! got that rebekah ? nothing. as rebekah said.. its 2D grass. (: and she loves the picture. yeay me !


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

im so bored and its raining and its raining and im so bored. im stuck at home with no food or drinks except porridge and water. television is just plain boring and so is the computer. yucks. cant believe this. cant wait for this week to end. RAHS ! so annoying.

and im still bored. really bored. and theres noone online ! what the hell. im very sure everyone is like somewhere outside having fun while poor me is stuck at home. everyone whos pitying me please raise your hand. -raises hand- (:

yeay. at least i agree with myself. HA. this shows how really bored jaime yong is. AND IM HUNGRY. i can hear my stomach. its going all grrr.. and all i can eat is porridge. this sucks. see ! its going grrrrr agn !! this better get over quickly. i wana eat !

whaoooo.. i see lightning. wads the odds of this computer going KABOOM right in front of my face. HAHAHAHHAHA. so cartoon. oh my goodness. this is what hunger does to a really hungry person. ok. im still BORED. and im like talking to myself. this is so STUPID. forget it. im gona doodle. (: its fun.




Tuesday, November 15, 2005

damn good. i almost died last night. vomitting the shit out of myself. woohoo. rocking. vomit until nth left to vomit. then vomit what ? i also dont know.

hospitals are so cool. you feel like youre gona die or youre acting. yeah. and my life is so screwed now. no nice food. no nice soft drinks. not even cold water. what is that man.and hospitals cant be any better. they make a dying person wait for thirty mins to see a damn doctor. and what. they expect me to sit my ass at home everyday. i got plans one ok ! wth. assholes.

so there goes everything. woohoo. (: i hope i get well in like two days. or i die in two days. then i dont hafta suffer for so long. if i live. i'll make sure i eat all the good food before this ever happens agn. HHAHAHAHAHA.

and kerry rocks ! he so freaking rocks ! yeay. :D




Monday, November 14, 2005

cant wait for lauras COG. yeay ! hope i can make it. then theres HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL. and my cousins wedding. but thats all next month. haha. oh then there shld be a class christmas party and theres siyings thing. WOOHOO. k next year i got two more red packets ! YEAY ME ! have been rather bored lately. but it doesnt mean that i've got nth to do. its just all so boring.

dont think meeting will be long. highly doubt those assholes will read it anw. HAHA.

going back to FRASER with LAURA on either wed or thursday. yeay ! then on sat theres that lame thing we hafta go to and then on sunday im going to watch harry with my brothers ! YEAY !


Saturday, November 12, 2005

ok. im back. and nothing happened ! yeay. its so damn funny. everyone was so red. except me ! woohoo. camp was ok. obs is still much much much MUCH better. prob cos of the ppl there la. we were much closer.

and it wasnt canoeing it was kayaking. kayaked with bel koh most of the time. yeah. we rock. can slp in the kayak. then kayak float away also dont know. hate getting stuck in the damn rafting shit.

sleeping and eating was the happiest times man. it cldnt be better. k. not that i had a good sleep or anything. but i did. so who cares.

rushed back from camp. headed for church. oh my gosh ! everyone looked so good. BEL was SO PRETTY ! and i think PAULINE PREMA VANESSA FELICIA ALLY and everyone else looked really pretty too. HAHA. oh. CONGRATS TO EVERYONE THAT GOT CONFIRMED TODAY ! (: oh. and the food was good. the whole group of us ended up in the carpark. and there was so much more food. the few of us took PLATES ! then i dont think chew and rui finished the food. not my problem. HAHA. :D

BEL: you pretty ass. dress up more often ! you looked really great tday. haha. LOVE !

PAULINE PREMA VANESSA FELICIA ALLY and i cant rmb who else : all of you looked damn pretty today ! LOVE YOU GUYS !

went for tennis. as usual. but today. walao. damn tired and there was no mercy. evil ass. keep bullying me. whats this man. aiya.. heck it. who cares anw.. HAHA. still think tennis rocks. (:

i am SO drained after everything. im gona get some slp. GOOD NIGHT WORLD !


Thursday, November 10, 2005

so canoeing expedition is tmr. whoopdeedo. its not gone yet and my knees starting to be all retarded again. it better be gone by tmr or i'll seriously kill myself.

so we kayaked in the storm during obs. i hope it rains agn when we canoe. HAHA. then it'll be damn fun ! WOOHOO ! then agn. maybe it'll be better if it doesnt rain. heck it la. whatever.

packed a pillow. they better let us sleep in the dance studio man. then i dont have to bring the lame sleeping bag. dont wana carry so many things. gosh. i really hope the stayover in school will be fine. dont want that to screw it up.

and as usual im living my usual boring life. how fun. this time theres act homework to do. woohoo. that rocks. say bye to my holiday. BYE ! next years gona suck. i know it will. esp when everything is starting alr. yuck. that so rocks. LIFE IS FUN ! YEAY !


Tuesday, November 08, 2005



Monday, November 07, 2005

great. i dont have any mood to blog and im still blogging. this shows how really bored i am. right.

and thanks to someone. my obs shirt shrunk. k. its not like its her fault or anything. but its really sad that such a BEAUTIFUL shirt is now like shrinking. well. thanks alot. but theres kendrick and i tell you. he so rocks. hahahahahahha.

ok. who cares bout blogging anw. im gona eat some brownies. (:


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