Monday, December 26, 2005


yeah whatever. its over. so happy boxing day ! christmas is over. new years coming. ): how horrid is that.


Saturday, December 24, 2005

had secone registration yesterday and its really tiring. and omg. i dont want to talk bout yesterday. ):

anw. had that pirate christmas thing today at OCC. its was fun ! yes yes. (: even though everyone was being really mean. whatever. i got wet thanks to elgin[?] and lucky thing my mummy came to pick me. or i wld hafta wear his shirt to get back home. and its like too big.

oh man. coach raymonds daughter is soo really cute. HA ! nothing like him at all. shes nice and sweet and cute and everything. (: oh oh. and there are a few others also. SUPER CUTE ! haha.

think the best part of the whole thing was the water bomb thing. HAHA ! even though i was wet. but its still FUN ! uh huh. i think they shld have more of that. so that i can go there and play. (:

k. relatives are coming over later in the evening. then theres mid night mass and its CHRITSMAS. uh huh. (:

ok.you better not piss me off today. i can feel that youre really tempted to. uh huh. youve alr started. but you better watch it.


Saturday, December 17, 2005

yesterday had fun shopping with ms yeo siqin. uh huh. walked and walked like crazy. and she made me wait at the really hot bus stop. haha. anw.. met dinah after a while. went to subway. she gave us a treat. dinahs nice after you know her. uh huh. nt that scary after all. and ms yeo made us chessecake. yeay.

anw.. got forced to eat. heh. thanks la hor. after dinah left. we went to far east and i saw becca ! omg ! i have always pictured her as the really guai prefect that always asked me to button collar. now ! haha.. she looks so naughty. worse than me. anw. its great seeing her. (: pretty girl.

we walked like the whole of far east. congrats to me and qin. haha. it was a great achievement. uh huh. left ard five to get back home for tuition. k. i got one present. but who cares. im going shopping agn. yeay !

yeosiqin rocks !


Thursday, December 15, 2005

this is sooo sucky. this holiday sucks to the core. esp this week. omg. screw everything. it better not rain on saturday.whatever. i feel like screaming into somebodys ear now. argh. way sucky. i am so bored. i dont mind going for tennis now even though its so freaking hot.

HAHAHA ! and.. i dont even have my homework. thats the best. how am i suppose to do it when i dont have it. WHAHAHHAHAHA. whatever.

yesterdays interact farewell was pathetic and tiring and hot. but iti didnt matter did it. all those who didnt go hafta pay anw. everyone pays. we eat. uh huh. sitting on the beach talking is really really nice. i shld go there more often. and carry hell lot of things really suck. it was like HEAVY ? and noone bothered to help us. still can ask if we want bikes. siao. we cycle you carry la. idiot.

and the plastic bag died on us. hahahahahaha. omg. im aching so much i am going to have to go for a massage. :/ i shld go back to east coast another day. and just sit my ass there and relax. yes. that will be super fun. HAHA ! ok i dont feel like ok for seah seah today. im quite sure i'll just fall aslp there. yes yes. i shld just stay home to slp. (: wheee.


Sunday, December 11, 2005

its really sad when you erm ya. HA !

whatever. no tennis yeasterday cos of the rain. really hope it doesnt rain later. uh huh. having lesson at seven. i love tennis ! hahaha. yeay yeay! i really cant wait to go out shopping too !

oh yes. sat was great. really great. love playing water bomb ! HAHAHAHAH ! it wld have been even more fun if all of them were here to play. (: and omg ! dec is passing too quickly. i cant wait for christmas. but when christmas is here. you know whats coming. ):

gotta stock up on sweets and food and everything. must do anything and everything to prevent myself from sleeping in class. (: yes yes.

NO7 ! if you see this. i hope that you'll join us soon instad of being our ally. we need you. its really important.


Friday, December 09, 2005

i dont get why some ppl are so stupid. dont understand simple english. forget it. mind your own bees wax.

yes. HA ! as bel said im super unlucky. uh huh. always get it at the wrong time. ): argh. and i need to call so many ppl ): eh pls hor all interactors rmb that theres farewell on the fourteenth. you forget i smack your head.

im combat general. :/ hahahaha. walao. and i got no pay ?! bloody hell. no17 is super hilarious ! oh my goodness. YEAY ! qin and cheryl are coming over ard three ! yeay. havent see them for like the whole holiday ! i think. (:


Thursday, December 08, 2005

didnt get to go out. ): why ? cos im gona wear sth not nice to my cousins wedding. argh. then after taht must go for some lame thing that im being forced to ha ha and ha. lucky got tennis.

had our first comm meeting of 2006. yes. and i think next years cca is gona be so much better. uh huh. (: then i went over to siyings. yes yes. watched barney and elmo. WAHAHHAHAHA ! oh yes. i dont friend jana loh anymore. HEAR THAT JANA ? haha.

everyone is damn good la. first say can come and then today tell me cannot. HAHAHAH ! terrific. this shows that im very smart. yes. whatever. hope everyone has fun during all their camps though. uh huh. and i hope i'll have fun tmr even though it wont be a good day to play water bomb but who cares. i pray that nth bad will hapen to me. (:

oh yes. and i have to do homework and go out with my twin too. ahahaha. i cant wait. we gotta find a nice date. k. i shld take a look at no17s blog. and see if i can help to make the things in the center.


Wednesday, December 07, 2005


yeay ! im going shopping with my mummy tmr. ha. cousins wedding is on sat and i havent found any nice thing to wear. cause i look majorly wrong in everything i try. :/ but he had better have really good food there or im so gona kill him.

cant wait for the ninth. though i have this crazy feeling sth is gona screw up. yups. and theres comm meeting tmr. un oh. then how to go out ? shit. ):

and thers the yeosiqin jaime do homework day and the yeosiqin jaime go out day. (: haha. cant wait. i love my yeo siqin !


Thursday, December 01, 2005


(: i love jenny !!


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