Tuesday, March 28, 2006


i love you guys all so much. thank you for all the presents and all the birthday wishes. (: uh huh.

AND SIYING LEON WEISONG ZIWEI AND GERMS ! you guys are the greatest. totally made my day. REALLY ! im going to sleep with it tonight. i really really really love you guys. its like TOUCHING !!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh..

they gave me my racquet this morning. they gave me a freaking racquet. A RACQUET ! omg. i was like AWAKE ! and then during recess they were all so sweet. in everyone. in manda teresa cheryl pauline jinghui na and the rest. yup. i had a cake... AWWWWWWW. and catheleen gave me a cake too !
double AWWWWWWW... and rebekahs dog pig thing. and ruis picture thing. and bels

gosh. but really thank you guys so much. why is it like our last year all together ?! shit. i dont care. everyone must go sa. and im so not doingmy speech today. im going to sleep.

feel like a pig. ate at swensens and then came home to eat my cheesecake and im going to sleep. biggest pig on earth. not the point.



Monday, March 13, 2006

YEAY ! fiesta rocks. uh huh. FOURJUSTICE rocks even more. i think we have the bestest class spirit ever. really. omg. the way we filled up the stupid ice cream tub is like so super hilarious.

i really really love fourjustice. haha. had great fun with the whole group of them on sat esp on the super top dancer. super fun.

yes thank you na. thank you bel. thank you stephanie. thank you mrs sng. thank you everyone that helped us. uh huh. i love you guys so very much. even though our collection was quite pathetic. OHHHHHHHHHH ! thank you one grace ppl. ya. i think like only half the box was filled. but really.. who cares. i mean.. all of us had fun what.

AHHHHHH ! cant believe we dunked levan. omg omg omg. haha. (: and we had the nicest shirts ever. ha. sold out super quickly. i knew everyone wld just simply love it.

crap. theres hell lot of work to do la. and theres pmb camp and icday and mock exam and ne trip. rahs. i wana go iceskating on mon !!!!!!!!!!!!

gotta fly to school soon. settle blue house stuff. yeay. blue house rocks. (:


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