Saturday, June 24, 2006

i won yesterdays match and i lost todays. kena trashed. tsk. WALAO....... plaed like shit. really shitness shit. i happily allowed the $#%@#$ ball to fly across the court. and i didnt even bother to move. GREAT ! see la. now lose alr. tamade. f it la. i honestly hope that no shit head will come and distrub me today because im am so not in disturbing mood.

but i am happy that coach actually asked me to play. esp since this will be the last time im going for training until like 6months later. hurrrrr. damn it la. why must school start. i dont want it to start. why cant everyone just leave me alone ? huh ????? why ??????????? stupid pigs. go an die la. i so want to watch the finals on sunday. BUT if im not playing i dont see the point in going and neither will they. dumb stupid arghs !


oh yes. i so love my darling twin. she came all the way down just to talk to me and make me smile. (: I HATE TODAY AND TMR ! and the rest of the year. jkldsjdlkjfslkjdfasdldfjaler. ARGH.


Friday, June 16, 2006

omg. im so damn happy ! ive found a few of my long lost friends ! yeay. im so so so so happy. its been like such a LONG time. aiyo. but somehow sometimes i just feel that im losing the ppl ard me. ): yes anw who cares. I HATE MSN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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