Wednesday, March 28, 2007

oh gosh. im a lucky girl. yes. super lucky..

thank you soooo much for remembering. ive recieved stuff from ppl ive nvr expected to recieve anything from. like all the msgs. awwwwwwwwwwwww. and the presents. awwwwwwwwwww. i love you guys all very much. oh and random ppl. ok. not really random. but more or less. cos i dont really know them. ((((:

but anwwww. bottom line. i really love my friends. gosh.... my darling 4justicians. or more of my dear randomers went out with ME to new york new york yesterday. its sooo nice seeing themmm. (: and we were all in different uniforms. HAHAHAH ! and all going crazy at the stupid small table. i think if the public wants to complain they wld be having quite a difficult time complaining. too many schools. and my new classmtes gave me a present. (: AND MISSY YEO SIQIN GAVE ME A CALL AT MIDNIGHT !!!!! such a sweetheart. all the way from la. i love her. i miss her so much.

and today !! yeayyyy. i recieved pretty msgs from friends. yes. i loveeeee. made my day. AND DEAREST ALVIN CAME DOWN. awwwww. hes damn sweet. he waited for me to have my little water break. and he had to wait for such a long time. poor kid. BUT THANK YOU SOO MUCH. and think his present is damn cute la. imagine. a newspaper article all the way from 1990 ? GOSH.

goodness. i recieved many many msgs. and i really hope i managed to reply everyone. cos aiya. my stm. sorry if i didnt. cos THANK YOUUUU ! yes. ((((: hahahaha. ok. im like super gong now. i dont know what im doing. hurrrrrr. crap. AHHH !SHITTTTTTTTTTTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

theres bloody hell lot of homeworkkkkkkkk. hurrrrrrrrrrrr. ): not good.


Friday, March 16, 2007

i feel so loved. ((:

i love my friends. i really do. and all this love is from like cj. super touching. i mean ok. not all. but most. like 95%. cj = ppl that ive just met. but i feel the loveeeee.

ok. so maybe god does have a reason for throwing me in aj. and so. its good ? i think so. im his special messenger. yeay ?

whatever. i miss my friends. i miss cj. i miss sn.

but i'll be back. yes. like soon. AHHAHHA ! really soon. ppl wont even realise that i dont belong there. act thats cos i do. but whatever. the second intakers who dont know me wldnt even note the extra person there.

yeay. i love you guys. like very much. and my fellow hockey mates ! i'll join hockey ! and we'll play and then after that we can go and have some nice ice cream. oh yeay.

AND EVERYONE BETTER VISIT ME IN THAT SHIT HOLE. ((: i'll be waiting. so dont make me wait too long. wooo. exciting. im soooo loved. haha.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

these were my sec4classmates

these were my fellow noise mates

these were my j1classmates

having crazy times outside the class

this is my hot facil

this is my bestest best friend in class

together with part of the mad crazy class

these were my friends next door

and this is how retarded perry looks

this is one of the very few times he looks normal

what im trying to say is that im going to miss them all very much. in fact i already do. school will be different without them around. and i have no idea how im going to adjust to that but i dont really have a choice anymore.

i admit not liking cj at first. it was different. different from what it was like back in st nicks. but soon i learnt to love the school very much. seeing familiar faces along the corridor. feeling so at home. having nice small talks with my classmates outside our really dirty class. talking to ppl next door just outside our classes. playing tennis in class. playing hockey in class. playing whatever we can play in class. just watching them go crazy was fun. watching the ppl next door go crazy was fun too.

life in aj is going to be very different from the life in cj. im going to have to start all over again. meet new people. making friends ? fitting in. catching up with what theyve learnt. trying to not feel so stupid. finding a cca. accpeting the fact that im nvr going to be a aprt of cj agn just kills me. i cannt even imagine myself buying their uniform. sitting in their classes.

and so everyone tells me to make the best out of it. i agree. but easier said than done. i wldnt expect anyone to understand cos they wld never have to go through this. how do you supposedly cheer up when theres nth to be happy about. how to you look forward to it when theres nothing worth looking forward to. what do you want me to make the best out of ? is there anything good in it ? i get my grades. so what ? or will i even get my grades ?

ppl expect me to be able to make friends easily, to have an open mind. but is it really that easy to have a sudden change of mindset ? am i really that sociable ? and you ask why do i want to make my life so miserable ? i can be happy if i wanted to. can i ? if you were in my shoes. and you felt the exact same way im feeling. will you be able to ?

anw dear cjcians. thank you for having shown me and taught me so many things. esp my dearest class 1T15. thank you for being my friend. being there for me when im not really myself. thank you for caring even though some of you hardly even know me. im going to miss seeing everyone in school even those that i dont even know. why ? i also dont know. i tend to think i'll get to see ppl from cj in aj. but it just turns out to be someone else. i want to sit outside that class. i want to play hockey with those ppl. but i dont think i'll ever get the chance to agn. AND MY BIAO JIE !! hurrrr. im going to miss my cousin sooo much. ):

dear shaun yen. honestly sometimes i really feel like killing you. but even so i want to thank you for being a friend. thank you for understanding. hardly anyone will understand what im going through but i think you understand half of it. or sth. and even though im very very very sure someone made you call. i still wana thank you for calling. cos you cld have just not cared and not called. you better study hard in cj. cos you have this chance of going back. dont think cos youre good looking youre allowed to forget me. you better not.


Tuesday, March 13, 2007




Wednesday, March 07, 2007


who gets into aj but not sa. wthhh. its so unfair. why do ppl with higher scores get in ? why cant they let me in ? huh ?! i put you as freaking first and second choice ! doesnt that change anything. huh ?!

so i had to bloody report to aj. screw you. and what do i see ? shit alien faces. thankssss. it was just what i needed in the stinking morning. and then you want to take my stuff ? HA ! fuck you. im not that stupid. you think i dont know why you really want it ? you want to stop ppl from leaving. tsk.. tell me to put my bag somewhere some more. eat my shit. never. you touch my things and i'll punch you in the face. and you give me a really screwed up face. HAHAHHA ! go to hell. do i look like i give a damn about what you think ? i said i want out. you didnt want to let me out of the damn place. too bad for you. its thanks to you that you had to deal with my shit. make me play you money some more. SMART.

i left anyway. you cant really keep me there. if you didnt keep to what you said i wld have left anw. i dont think the guards really know how to get out of the little box theyre in. so ya. and the gates were wide open. oh wells. go think of a way to deal with me. go write me a nice testimonial to submit so that you can get rid of me. im quite sure everyone will be quite happy that way.

you may say that im bloody anti social. well. TOO BAD. deal with it. tsk. if you cant. screw off. like period.hate you hate you hate you. SCREWWWWWWWWWW YOUUUU !

and ! if anyone asks me to go back to aj. and to stay there. well. you can jolly well fuck off. so dont. unless you want a serious punch in your face.

i want sa or cj. whatever. just get me outt !!! i really miss the cj ppl real bad. its not even my fault la. i wld have been in cj if not for SOMEONE ! HURRR ! ass. this is pissing me off.


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