Sunday, April 29, 2007


I MISS THAT SILLY TOAD SO MUCHHHH ! I CANT WAIT TO SEE HER. 1.5/3 of her time belongs to me ! oh thats like half. WHO CARES ! we made a deal. HAHAHHA ! ((((:

theres going to be so much ice cream and outings and playing and shit fun ! :D YAAAAAY !

QIN I LURBCH YOU SO MUCH ! and wei says hi and she wants to tell you that she misses you ALOT !


ok. i hate homework. i really hate. SOMEONE DO IT FOR ME PLEASE ?!?!?!?! PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE ??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?! with like cherries and whatever you want on top. (: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. homework. tsk. bloody hell. askjdlajsdlajslkdjas. YUCK !

imissmyfriendsimissmyfriendsimissmyfriends ! like very very very very very ALOT !


Saturday, April 28, 2007



went back for STNICKS SPORTS DAY !

yeah.blue supernova ! all the way girls. you all did a fantastic job ! ((: yay. and the pretty big banner. YAY ! all my dearest cheerleaders ! you guys improved alot. and we're all so very proud of you. you guys did youre very best and you'll always be champions in our hearts. ((:


oh and i got into council. but i still have that chance of getting kicked out. HAHA ! whatever.

anw. HAHA ! qinny got my letter. YAY ! im so happy. QIN the letterS are filled with LOVEEE ok. i want a reply. reply reply reply. or even better a call ! haha. there are so many things to tell you. QINNNNN ! hahahhaa. HURRY COME BACK ! i miss you alot alot alot. ahhhhhh ! (((:


Sunday, April 15, 2007

i just realised that there are many many many evil people around in this world. you never know when someone is going to just turn their back against you. what if one day you woke up and realised that theres was noone there ?

tsk. humans.


Saturday, April 14, 2007


WHYYYYY. i miss my cj hockey mates. theyre all having so much fun together. theyre having the time of their lives even if it meant training everyday. training for me is a killer. not because of the training. but im just not happy there. im never happy anw. what the heck. saw camilles blog. and i really really wish i could be just a tiny little part of that team.

everything just sucks for me now. i wldnt say that i dont have a really special class. i do. but theres just sth about it that.... ya. whatever. i dont think im being very fair to them. every single thing is screwed. i dont know how am i going to live like that in jc. what if i have to retain ? then it'll be three years. i cant let that happen.....

make the best out of it since youre alr there. YA. since youre so smart you tell me how la. this is not directed at anyone. its just that so many ppl have been telling me the same bloody thing. and its so freaking annoying. studying alone wont bring me very far. gooooodness. this bloody thing is damnn irritating. AHHHHH ! someone kill me. like now ? it will in a way be deemed as a good deed. you didnt want to let me suffer. yessss. so do it damn it.

ahhhhhhh. i just feel like asking everyone to screw off. but i cant. cos noone has done anything to me. in fact theyve been really nice and sweet. but what the hell.... this is giving me a bloody stinking headache. it always does. and if i actually do take panadol. im going to have to keep taking it. and then its going to eat me up from the inside. killing me. burning me to hell.

its all your stinking fault ! all of youuuu. what did i do to you ?! huhhhhh. did i do anything ?! i dont thinkk soooo. SCREW IT !!! horrible people. youre going to regret this. idiotssss.


Thursday, April 12, 2007

bryan is nice. (: yes. ice cream rocks.

anwwww. dearest teeee fifteeen. i miss you guys like hell lot. each time i go back i only spend a few mins there. i hardly get to see you guys as a class. THE NEXT TIME I SEE YOU pls remind me to use the camera ? i was so happy that day i totally forgot i had a cam in my bag. pffffft.

ahhhhh. i miss stnicks so much too. i miss all my friends there. i miss seeing every single one of them. i cld see them everyday. well almost everyday. and we would have so much fun. and we would stress out together. i miss it !

i think this is so unfair to my new class. but ohwells. tsk. i love them. but its different. SORRY ! and that alicia. idiot. shes leaving me behind to go to poly. well im happpy shes going to be out of the shit hole and be happy but how can she let me suffer there ALL ALONE ?! crapppp.

oh yippeeee. homework. lots. ive got to finish everything. bloody @#$@#%!. bahhhhhh. i love little becky ! DEAR LITTLE BECKY CAN YOU HELP ME DESTROY MINE TOO ? HAHA. i'll help you. we'll become the best of friends. but how the hell am i going to find you ?


Sunday, April 08, 2007

YEAY. JAIME WAS A HAPPY GIRL ON FRIDAY. and god died for us on that very day. tsk.

ANW. i hate weekends. cos theres like homework. plus coucil stuff. but i have more sleep. yes. and thats very good. shawn wants this: thank you shawn.

what the hell. hahaha. damn random. ahhhh. council. tsk. im a toilet bowl. yes. vote for the toilet bowl. YEAY. cos loos are an essential thing in everybodys life. every household HAS a toilet bowl. ((: it helps you let nature take its course. it helps you relieve yourself. yay. and what can you do on a toilet bowl ? you can sleep on it. sit on it. cry on it. write on it. stone on it. tada. conclusion: toilet bowls are good. it serves you but yet you cant live without it. can you imagine life with no toilet bowls ? the world will be a sadder place.. VOTE FOR JAIME YONG ! you will never regret it. me as council president ? the best choice. ((: why ? cos jaime rocks. and will always rock. who disagreees should take some time out and do some reflection.

and its jasmines birthday !! happy birthday stupid dudu brain ! i dont like school but lucky. theres festival of life tmr. GOOD. i can go somewhere. AHHAHAHHAHAH !


Sunday, April 01, 2007

why am i so brainless ? how the hell did i land myself in such a horrible place ? HOW ?!


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