Monday, October 29, 2007

yipeee chinese A's are overrrr ! woohoo ! i THOUGHT it was doable. hahaha. not bad la. for once i didnt feel like it was a total disaster. (:

so shitty pangsai ive got retest from 26-28 dec. thanks to it. i have like totally no holiday and i cant even attend my cousinS wedding dinnerssss. like wth. imagine all the good food i'll be missing out on. damn. and i havent seen them in ages la. alamak. stupid exam. but thank god for the exam. or i'll have to sit my ass in aj for another year. :/

so lets hope i can get promoted and get 5special holiday days. woohoo ! i cant wait for it to end. yipeeee.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Im not the only one who should be blamed. Its your bloody fault too. If you had stopped sticking youre bloody ass into my life none of this would have happened. So you think I was praying for such an outcome ? don’t be a dickhead. So now you make it sound like its all my fault. Im sorry for being fucking stupid. Stupid enough to tell the truth. I’ve learnt how not to trust. Honesty is not the best policy. It’s called stupidity.

Im sorry that you’re too blind to see anything good I’ve done. What do you say when I do anything right ? nothing ! when I do sth wrong. Thanks for the fucked up words. I so need it. If perfections what you want. Then sorry ! you’re never going to find it in me ! I’m stupid and I cant get anything right. So don’t put anymore of your shitty hopes on me. I felt like I let you down. Now I feel like damn who gives a fuck anyway. You think you’re always right. You always know best. NEWSFLASH ! you don’t. accept that. As much as I am accepting the fact that I’ve bloody brainless accept the fact that you aren’t always right. Learn how to put your fucking pride down. The world doesn’t just revolve around you.

I’m feeling more fucked up than ever. I don’t need you to add to any of it. But nvm. You alr did. So wtf. AH ! and if I’m an embarrassment then I’m sorry. I never did what to be a part of this world. and again. It’s your stinking fault. You are like everyone else. Nothing more than that. Not when it comes to knowing me.


Monday, October 15, 2007

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can you see little miss grumps with two little miss sunshines ?? :D today no sun. oh wells. im still going to swim anw. YEAH ! :D


Saturday, October 13, 2007



Friday, October 12, 2007

you guys are like little stars in my life. for some reason you guys never fail to make me smile. doesnt matter what you do. the smallest things you do can brighten up my day ! :D you have no idea how thankful i am to have gotten a chance to know all of you. I LOVE YOU !


Thursday, October 11, 2007



today is nooooot a good day.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

flew down to ECP today for our CDP ! yay. coolness. i like. hahahaha ! patrick starfish. my love. woohoo. i really really like ! it was damn fun ! and i didnt burn ! yay yay yay !


Saturday, October 06, 2007

tanning floating around with chloe and siying today ! the sun sucks ! hurrrr. then three dying ppl were watching hairspray ! oh man. damn tired. ): then went out to meet wei at amk hub. hahaha ! tada. end of day. so uncool. but nvm. i love them !


yipeeee ! thank you fangbi !


Friday, October 05, 2007

oh damn. i really dont like the damn effects of the cam or some retarded device. nehhhmind. anw. thats our little library companion. (: hahhaa ! she super super super super cute ! she told weilun he smelled like poo poo or sth. and she just keeps rambling on bout stuff and noone really knows what shes talking about. but shes so cute. she laughs when we laugh. and she keep like flashing. bad girl ! hahahahah ! and she said she wanted to poo poo. and she keeps oopsie dasie-ing. :D
ah damn. bye bye little girl. till we meet agn !

oh then theres this little boy there. shit funny. he like let go a really long loud fart. and it really stinks. but i cldnt stop laughing ! HAHAHHAHHA ! and while farting.. he wasjust staring bankly into space. HAHAHHAHHAH ! goodness. kids.

yay. promos are over. but it aint good. but what the heck. i hope everyone dies with me ! then we can allg et promoted together. we must ! YES ! ahhhh. theres no way im going to sit my ass in aj for another year. BAHHHHH ! head has egg. so yes. i gotta go sleep. and wake up early to go tanning tmr. woohoo. cant wait. seeyou studybuddies ! :D


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

boy oh boy oh boy.

gp was bad. econs was worse and so is lit. tmr will be a better day. it better be a better day ! yay math. it has got to be easy. i need to pass sth. :/ pfffft. and whats this la. why are they so many ppl in the lounge ??? goodness.


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